A Sonic Lego set is coming

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Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is about to get his own Lego set. You can thank 24-year-old Sonic fan Viv Grannell and the Lego Ideas program to bring Lego and Sega together. Over the years, the initiative, which allows fans to submit designs they would love to see the company made, has produced some truly delicious sets, including a handful of fun. Those on the NASA theme. Grannell’s design of the Green Hill area, based on the excellent Sonia mania rendering of the level, won the 10,000+ community votes that a design needs before Lego even considers making it official.

With Sega’s approval, Lego is now starting official design development (so expect the end product to be different from the concept pictured above). Lego hasn’t said when the set will go on sale, but has mentioned that it will be available worldwide once it’s ready.

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