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12 Best Podcasts For Kids (2021): Long Form, Short Stories & More

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The mix of content makes this a podcast that should satisfy even the most difficult of listeners. New episodes arrive every two weeks. You can get a ad-free experience for $ 2 per month (which also includes transcripts for your child to read while listening to improve literacy).

Round circle

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Here’s another creative story podcast that focuses on folk tales from around the world. Episodes of Round circle range from 10 to 20 minutes each. Recently Round circle has promoted other podcast episodes in their feed, so you might find an episode of Brains on (listed below) or other children’s podcasts alongside his own creations.

Round circle is a bit more overt in his values ​​teaching than some of the others on this list. It regularly delivers some sort of message, something about kindness, generosity, or other shared American cultural values. Teaching morality is one of the main purposes of folk tales, but here I sometimes find it a bit heavy.

Pirates of history

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He has pirate in the name, which is all my kids needed to hear. Pirates of history is an entertaining mix of funny stories and songs (like “The bear who couldn’t discoThere are special voices you might recognize in some episodes, like Claire Danes and John Oliver.

There is a lot more here than the podcast. If your kids want to go beyond listening, check out the website, which contains links to the book series (for middle class kids), information about live shows, and pirate t-shirts.

Seeds of history

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Seeds of history is a relatively new podcast, and it’s a little different from the rest; rather than a story, it’s a meta-vision of how to make a story.

Each episode associates a child (6 to 12 years old) with an author of children’s books. They meet in person and work together to write original stories that start with the child’s idea (the “seed” in the name). There is a season of podcasts available right now, and the company hopes to release more later this year.

Fierce girls

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This Australian podcast is all about featuring real stories from Australian women. From athletes to spies, Fierce girls Often promotes a unifying theme of adventurous girls with “courage and spirit”. While the stories are all kid-friendly and not graphic, the animators are quick to tell stories as they happen. In some cases, you may want to listen first to make sure a story is suitable for your children’s maturity level. That said, our 7 year old twins love them.

Planet Story Time

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Offering a mix of classic stories, like those of Beatrix Potter, and lesser-known content, Planet Story Time aims at this mix of entertainment and education perfected by Fred Rogers. It releases new episodes every Thursday.

One really cool feature that sets this podcast apart is that at the end of each month there’s a long episode with a whole month of content – perfect for having an hour or two to yourself.

Brains on

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This science podcast is for kids, although I’ll be honest, I learned a lot from it as well. Brains on is educational – don’t tell your kids. They’ll love learning how bugs walk on walls, how to find their way without a compass, and even where poo and pee go when you flush.


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