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13 Best Travel Coffee Mugs (2020): Insulated, Steel, Thermal

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When the sun struggles to reach the horizon at 9 a.m. and goes to bed, too early, around 4 a.m. – when every part of your body is either swaddled in wool or chapped and frozen – that, my friends, it’s when coffee is the only fuel that can keep you going all day. For this roundup, I’ve drunk all of my drinks, from coffee and water to the occasional beer, some of the best travel mugs you can buy. Below are my top picks for Vacuum Insulated Multipurpose Coffee & Drink Cups. They will all do an outstanding job of keeping your Joe piping hot – or ice cold when summer returns.

Update December 2020: We have retired the 1st Generation Electrically Heated Ember Travel Mug, which has been discontinued. We’ll be including its replacement, the 2nd Generation Travel Mug, in our next update.


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