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14 freebies for Xbox owners (2020): games, controllers, headsets and more

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The new Xbox Series S and X have blazingly fast read and write speeds that rip even normal SSDs you can buy. To get an expansion that can load your games as quickly as intended, you will need the Seagate storage expansion card. It is specially designed to fit into a slot on the Xbox. This upgrade is especially vital if you have an S series, as it only has 512GB of storage. Unfortunately by the time of the upgrade you will have spent more than you should have to get a Series X.

★ Xbox One owners: This 4TB hard drive is designed to plug directly into the Xbox One via USB 3.0 and can hold a hundred games. It doesn’t need a power cable, making it convenient to plug in and play or take to a friend’s house. If you don’t need 4TB, there are smaller, cheaper storage options.


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