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18 last-minute vacation deals on games, headphones and more

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It’s the weekend before you know what, and that means a lot of last minute shopping. Or, if you actually have planned things, it means relaxing and watching everyone do their last minute shopping. I am firmly in the first category. Is it really the holiday season if you don’t do all your shopping a few days before?

The delivery times were already inflated because of you, the pandemic, but now every retailer is even further behind than ever. This means that some of the items on this list will not arrive until after Christmas, so check the expected shipping times before confirming your purchases. You should also browse our Last minute gift ideas guide because we have organized a few items that will arrive before December 25th. That said, here are our favorite weekend deals on Baby Yoda games, home appliances and socks.

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Gaming and PC Accessories Deals

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Discover our Best gaming laptops, Best gaming mouse, and Best wireless headsets for other recommendations.

TV and home offers

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