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2020 was the best year for PC shipments in a decade

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From a manufacturer’s perspective, Lenovo led the way, with 23 million units for the quarter and 72 million for the year. No surprise there, the company has been dominant in the space for years. Looking at the other top five players, what stands out is the quarter and year that Apple and Acer had. Although they are fourth and fifth respectively, they have seen the strongest growth. In particular, Apple’s shipments volume grew 45% per year and 16.6% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2020. Canalys did not speak specifically of Apple’s numbers, but the combination of request for WFH devices and pent-up enthusiasm for the company Mac M1 at the end of the year, that’s almost certainly what helped push the company to the top. With more Apple Silicon computers to come, the company is well positioned to continue growing its market share.

With COVID-19 vaccines on the way, it might be tempting to think Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple and Acer won’t be able to repeat, but Canalys is bullish on the industry’s outlook. “PCs are here to stay,” said research director Rushabh Doshi. “Innovations in chipsets, operating systems, connectivity and form factors will take center stage as the PC industry reaches out to a wider range of customers who bring new behaviors and business cases. use, ”added analyst Ishan Dutt.


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