The best chicken and vegetable soup recipe (+ variations)

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Oh, chicken soup… they call it soul food, and it certainly does the trick on a cold winter day or when I’m in bad weather. I also love making this chicken soup (and other soups) during the winter to have a little extra homemade bone broth in my diet.

It seems that even healthier canned soup brands are including less and less meat these days. If you’ve never made chicken soup from scratch, I encourage you to try this simple recipe and savor the difference.

It is a must!

Chicken and vegetable soup: a proven recipe for well-being

There’s a good reason we think of chicken noodle soup to fight a cold. Granted, we probably grew up giving ourselves a steaming bowl at the first hint of a sniff, like our parents did before us. But there are also practical reasons why soup is considered an elixir for good health.

Immune boost

With herbal ingredients like parsley, turmeric, basil, and oregano, this chicken and vegetable soup recipe helps fight colds and flu we are all prone to especially during the winter months. I also made sure to add a larger serving of vegetables than what is found in traditional recipes to really increase the nutritional content.

I can’t go without mentioning the real star of this dish: the homemade chicken broth, full of minerals and immune boosting proteins. Homemade bone broth (made from grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, or wild fish) offers many health benefits.

Bone broth from grass-fed sources is:

  • rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus
  • rich in collagen for healthy hair, skin and nails
  • soothing digestion
  • High in Gelatin and a good source of protein and important amino acids proline and glycine.

AT make real bone broth, animal bones should be simmered for more than 20 hours to extract all the nutrients. The Instant Pot considerably shortens this job. But don’t worry, there’s a shortcut when there’s no time for homemade broth! i use this prefabricated option when I need bone broth in a pinch. It’s grass-fed, organic, long-simmered, and avoids the harmful ingredients hidden in many other store-bought broths

If you want to learn more about broth as a superfood check out my podcast interviews with Chef Lance Roll and Justin mares where we discuss the benefits of broth and the many ways it can be used to improve your health!

Low blood sugar

This chicken vegetable soup is an excellent low glycemic index meal that is high in protein. It matches the profile of my Wellness Mama recipe requirements and for anyone trying to lose weight. It is also gluten and dairy free for those who must avoid these ingredients.

Simple preparation

I object to extra dishes and like to keep as many meals as possible in a pot. This recipe calls for boiling a whole chicken directly in the pot. Everything else can be roughly chopped and discarded. In fact, this recipe only takes 15 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to simmer.


It sounds simple and cliché, but the secret to successful meal planning plan ahead. Consider making a jackpot ahead of time and freeze it so you have it on hand if the sniffles hit.

Recipe for delicious chicken and vegetable soup

Sounds so good… let’s simmer!


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