Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

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The sweet potato casserole is loved (by some) as a classic holiday recipe. If I’m being honest I’m more of a baked sweet potato kind of thing, but since some of our extended family prefer the marshmallow type, I decided to whip up a healthy version.

Homemade sweet potato casserole

In order for the sweet potato to be part of the sweet potato casserole, you need cooked sweet potatoes. If I’m making the casserole dish for a crowd, I like to roast them ahead of time so that I don’t have much to do on a busy cooking day.

You can absolutely boil them if you prefer, but I like the deeper flavor of the roast.

Most sweet potato casserole recipes contain sugar mixed with sweet potatoes. I do not follow this advice! Sweet potatoes are already sweet enough, so there’s no need to add even more sugar! Some recipes also add eggs and milk, but since they don’t really change the flavor or texture and are allergens for some, I leave them out.

Important note: If you add the sweet potato to the pan ahead of time, be sure to reheat it before adding the garnish.

Marshmallow or not Marshmallow?

Sweet potato casseroles are usually topped with something sweet like marshmallow or strudel. I do make my own marshmallows, and I have found that if I reduce the amount of gelatin in the recipe, I can make a marshmallow filling. (Mom Hack: The ‘marshmallow’ filling also makes a great icing on the cake. coconut flour cakes for children’s birthdays!)

Another option is to make a Swiss meringue with egg whites and honey. I heat it and whip it in a double boiler until it is thick and soft. If you really feel like it, you can even put the finished meringue in a pastry bag and put some pretty patterns on the sweet potatoes. Finally, grill the casserole dish for a few minutes before serving to brown the meringue a little.

Important note: Since the pan is only in the oven for a few minutes, it is important to make sure the sweet potatoes are already piping hot.

If you prefer the sweet potato casseroles topped with streusel, you can try combining the nut and oat filling from this casserole with the garnish of my berry cobbler recipe.


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