South Africa Cricket official said Australia test tour will take place, despite COVID-19

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Cricket South Africa has assured the Australian tour in February and March will continue, despite the impact of COVID-19.

Australia face the Proteas in three events, but opening drummer David Warner this week told Wide World of Sports radio that the tour has yet to be confirmed to the team..

ESPNcricinfo reported that the entire series will be played in the Highveld, a high mountain region, with the matches taking place at the Centurion and the Wanderers.

The report also states that the Irene Country Club will be used as a biosecurity base for the teams, as was the case with the recent Sri Lanka tour of South Africa.

Australia’s scheduled tour has received renewed hope from Cricket South Africa president Zak Yacoob.

“The Australian tour at this point continues,” Yacoob said.

“I had a conversation with the president of Cricket Australia about a week ago and we agreed the tour was going to continue.

“We agreed that we would make sure our facilities are as good as possible, as good as needed.

“We also agreed that we are learning every day, but it’s not because we did something wrong when England was here, because you know that none of the English were affected. C ‘is the main thing. They all came home and it was good. “

England only made half of its South Africa tour in November and December before it was canceled.

The Poms have played three T20s, but their three-game one-day international streak was called off before starting because two members of their touring team tested positive for the virus.

Yacoob admitted the ever-changing nature of the pandemic could ruin Australia’s tour of South Africa.

“Learning about this virus is changing all the time and as it changes things have to change,” Yacoob said.

“So far there is no doubt between the chairman of the board and myself that the series will go forward, but we have also agreed that the coronavirus is changing so much that we cannot predict what will happen. If things suddenly go bad we really can’t do it and our experts say we can’t do it and the other experts say we can’t do it, we won’t be able to do it. “

Sri Lanka managed to visit South Africa for two trouble-free trials over the Christmas period.

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