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Heavy Metal Machines is free and available now on Xbox

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Hello Xbox gamers! Hoplon Studio here from Brazil to greet and introduce you Heavy metal machinery! This is a fast paced free to play multiplayer multiplayer fighting game where players engage in intense 4v4 battles, controlling deadly vehicles in challenging arenas. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and is now available on Xbox One, compatible with Xbox Series X | S.


In Heavy metal machinery, you will be in a team of four players fighting against another team to bring a bomb to the opponent’s base. The first team to deliver the bomb three times is declared the winner. Remember that teamwork and strategy are key to running arenas!

Get your driver’s license

Before starting a Heavy metal machinery match, you will go through a short tutorial to learn the basics of the game. Once in a match, don’t worry, an instructor will always be by your side to give you tips for success in the arenas. If you don’t think you’re ready yet, you can always train with bots in Practice Mode to hone your skills.

Choose a role

In Heavy metal machinery you will control machines with different play styles and weapons. Each machine is specialized in one of the three main roles. For a balanced game, make sure your team has all three roles:

  • Carrier: your main objective is to transport the bomb to the enemy base and not get killed in the process.
  • Interceptor: You are a killing machine, but be aware that destroying the enemy transporter to take the bomb is more important than chasing a random kill, although we know how fun it is to watch your enemy die in the arenas.
  • Support: Your priority is to heal and protect your allies so that they can deliver the bomb successfully.
  • Arenas: where the show takes place

Heavy metal machinery matches take place in Metal God or Cursed Necropolis arenas. Metal God Arena is considered the Colosseum of Metal City as it is the main stage for the Heavy MetAl Machines championships. This mirrored battlefield is perfect for using classic team setups: one transporter, one support, and two interceptors. On the other hand, the Cursed Necropolis arena is cursed land, full of acid and other dangers. The Arena has conveyor belts that change the speed and direction of the machine, as well as repellents, which will push the bomb away if hit. Test your skills to survive until the end!

Battle for glory

To play Heavy metal machinery casually, or if you want to spice things up, you can build your squad and bring them to the Colosseum, an in-game tournament, to fight for prizes and prestige. And whenever you feel ready, you can play ranked mode, where your performance ranks you in a division system with different rewards each season.

Battle pass

Metal Pass is Heavy metal machineThe progression system, where players improve their accounts and receive rewards. Each themed season brings new content such as new machines, models, emoticons, sprays, missions and much more! Make sure to check Heavy metal machinerynew season Metal Pass, Full Steam Ahead, and collect all the exclusive items of the season!

Special gift for Xbox gamers

As the first Xbox player, enjoy a Free Battle Pass Pack, a special gift available only until March 8, which includes the Battle Pass for the season, 3 characters, and lots of cosmetic items!

So get ready for a really new gaming experience and call your friends so you can play together! Don’t forget to claim your Battle Pass pack for free! Xbox gamers can’t wait to be part of the Heavy metal machinery The community can join our official Discord channel: We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tic and Instagram.

See you in the arenas!

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Heavy Metal Machines is a unique multiplayer multiplayer fighting game in which players engage in intense 4v4 battles, controlling deadly vehicles in post-apocalyptic arenas. A BRAND NEW EXPERIENCE The combination of unique vehicle HMMs, fast-paced combat, and post-apocalyptic sports arenas will bring you a whole new gaming experience. A LIST OF UNIQUE VEHICLES Ranging from a Monster Truck crashing a car and a From a Heavy Armored Tank to a Moto Blade Launcher and a Magnetic Tow Truck, each of the many vehicles has a different set of weapons and playstyles that provide a wide range of strategic possibilities in every game. BECOME A METAL GLADIATOR You can play HMM casually, or if you want to spice things up, join ranked mode to be divine, or create your team and take them to the Colosseum, an in-game tournament, to fight for prizes and prestige. NEW ARRIVALS ARE WELCOME If you are new to HMM, no worries! Training modes are available to hone your skills. COMPETITION If you’re feeling competitive, you can take part in community tournaments, or even the Metal League, the official Heavy Metal Machines tournament, which features cash prizes to fuel the game’s Esports scene. PLAY TOGETHER Meet new players in the game or bring your friends for much more fun! MAYBE THE BEST GLADIATOR TO WIN HMM is free to play, not for pay. Rest assured that there is no way to buy in-game items that provide in-game benefits to vehicles.

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