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Top 5 IPL controversies of all time

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The Indian Premier League, or IPl, has become the sixth most popular among sports leagues since its inception in 2008. The money-rich cricket league is the only sport to be broadcast on the YouTube channel. With popularity comes some controversial moments as well, and IPL has its share of controversies as well. A few died faster, but a few others raged for longer.

Kheltalk after proper analysis, listed the top five IPL controversies below. The countdown is as follows:

5. Ashwin’s Mankading

Ashwin has received a lot of criticism for chasing Jos Buttler on the non-attacking side.

Ravichandran Ashwin is never known to hold back. Sometimes it could be a response to a criticism directed at him and sometimes on the ground.

In the 2019 IPL matches, he “ missed ” Jos Butler and derailed some Rajasthan Royals victory over KXIP. When Ashwin was about to release the ball, he saw Butler take a step or two away from the crease and grazed the bail. He was given and RR lost the match due to his healthy position. Butler later said he was indeed inside the fold (the bat) until the point of delivery. However, this created a lot of controversy, with half supporting Butler and the others justifying Ashwin’s Mankading.

Ashwin in the 2020 league refrained from doing this to Aaron Finch and warned him. Later he said, “Aaron is my friend”!

4. The drug warriors

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