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The 10 best Mario levels of all time

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After 36 years, there have been a lot of Mario games, with hundreds of levels between them – and, dare I say it, most of them are pretty awesome. So we decided it was time to scour the stage treasure and survey our entire staff to find out which levels have stood the test of time better than any of the others. From games like Paper Mario, and even Super Mario World 2 (which is undoubtedly part of the Yoshi series), we’ve chosen to stick with games from the main series. These are IGN’s picks for the best Mario levels of all time.Watch the video above, click the gallery below, or scroll down for the full list!

Top 10 Super Mario levels of all time

9. Donut Plains 1 – Super Mario World

When we think of the Mario franchise, the first thing that comes to our mind is Donut Plains 1. Catching that first feather and realizing the cloak would let you fly was just telling, and transformed everything we thought we knew about. Mario on his ear. Mix that with the eye-catching steel drums and tuba soundtrack, secret exits and bonus block puzzles and you’ve got a blueprint for not just the rest of Super Mario World, but a great evolution in the structure of one. Mario level. There are of course more complex levels in Super Mario World, but Donut Plains One is a shining example of a game that teaches you its own rules and how to break them. Perfection.

8. Sunken Ghost Ship – Super Mario World

Another from Super Mario World, the Sunken Ghost Ship is by no means a normal level. Sitting secluded in the waters in the center of Dinosaur Island, the scene combines the eerie atmosphere of Super Mario World’s ghost houses with clever references to Super Mario Bros. 3 airships – which have been conspicuously absent in this world. While a bit short, its vast hordes of underwater Boos that literally fill the screen have a lasting impact, as does the subtle storytelling of falling into a seemingly bottomless void with no traditional goal post in sight to lift the jaws. gaping eyes of a stone giant. from the depths. You’d be hard pressed to find a better introduction to a final boss’s secret lair.

7. Giant Earth – Super Mario Bros. 3

The levels of Super Mario Bros. 3 are full of clever ideas and fun surprises. Perhaps the biggest surprise (pun intended) comes the moment you step into world 4-1. In this level the enemies, blocks, pipes and clouds are just huge, about four times bigger than usual. You’re still full-sized Mario, but the world you’ve stepped into is woefully huge. The first time you played this level you probably didn’t know the game could even do this. What’s great about Giant Land, however, is the strength of all of Mario’s great levels – it offers the perfect combination of surprise and fun. It has the same precise and satisfying Mario gameplay, but in a creative new package that can put a smile on even the most experienced gamer.

6. Bianco Hills – Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine, unlike so many other Mario games, made a bold choice with its setting: a tropical island divided into individually themed biomes, all centered around a relaxing vacation gone wrong. Bianco Hills is by far the most iconic of these, especially since this is the first level you visit. This believable and enjoyable little town of Pianta invites the player to test their new FLUDD abilities through its multiple layers.

There is a city side and a lakeside, ground areas, water, and overhead wires that allow you to climb, climb, and climb. Additionally, its topography changes from episode to episode as different structures, paint splashes, and enemies reshape the village. Its clever architecture, attention to detail, and pure personality make Bianco Hills a wonderful summary of all that made Mario Sunshine such a brave and delightful adventure.

5. Darker Side – Super Mario Odyssey

Darker Side of the Moon isn’t just the hardest level in Super Mario Odyssey, it’s a celebration of the game itself. It’s a 10-minute marathon that not only gives you traditionally fun platforming challenges, but also a sample of all the best mechanics unique to Mario Odyssey. Like the part where you take control of a Podoboo and have to jump from a lava pool to a lava pool while trying to avoid getting hit by spiked bullets, or the bit where you’re a Pokio and have to throw yourself from one platform to another with your nose; or who could forget the start of the final where you control Bowser himself and go wild, crushing everything in your way. The best part, when you reach the end, you receive a heartwarming message of “thank you” for your dedication.No thanks YOU, Nintendo.

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