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Zombies were one of the first monsters added to Minecraft. They are creatures of the night and are very attracted to gamers and villagers.

Players looking to play Minecraft should know all about zombie behavior if they are to survive the night.

Zombies have unique mechanics in Minecraft, with the ability to call in reinforcements. They also burn in daylight, which is great news for players hiding out during the long night.

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Zombies in Minecraft


Shown: A group of zombies appearing on top of a woodland mansion (Image via Minecraft)

Zombies have a chance to spawn in groups of four at a light level of seven or lower.

All zombies also have a 5% chance to spawn as either Zombie Villager or Baby Zombie. Baby zombies have an additional 5% chance of spawning on a chicken, known as a Chicken Jockey.

Zombies have an 80% chance to spawn as Husk in Desert Biomes. They are also found in 50% of the spawners of the dungeon crowd.

On top of all this, some zombies will spawn with tools or armor, which will make them stronger than regular zombies.


Shown: Two zombies roam outside a woodland mansion (Image via Minecraft)
Shown: Two zombies roam outside a woodland mansion (Image via Minecraft)

Zombies will chase players within 40 blocks compared to the 16 block radius of other monsters. This makes zombies one of the most annoying mobs in Minecraft.

In addition to this, zombies that are damaged by the player can call all other zombies within a radius of 67 blocks. In Hard mode, additional zombies have a chance to spawn when a zombie is attacked by the player.

Zombies will attack villagers, Iron Golems, and wandering merchants, posing a massive threat to village security. If the village’s Iron Golem eventually dies, nothing will protect the villagers from the onslaught of the zombies.

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Shown: A zombie cleaned by the sun's rays (Image via Minecraft)
Shown: A zombie cleaned by the sun’s rays (Image via Minecraft)

Zombies don’t like sunlight because it causes them to be completely enveloped in flames.

10% of zombies chasing a player or villager also strike behind closed doors if they get in the way. On hard difficulty, they can even break down doors.

If a zombie has its head submerged underwater for more than 30 seconds, it will turn into a drowned man.

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