Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will be free, supported by loot boxes

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Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, the next mobile remake of the 1997 original and its compilation suites, will be free. This will be supported by a loot box system. Speaking to Famitsu, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura said players will be able to play Ever Crisis for free. “The monetized element is basically loot boxes with random weapons,” he explained. “Some of the special weapons also come as a set that includes new costumes that were not in the original games, adding a new way to enjoy the story that you would never have seen before.”Ever Crisis is presented in an episodic format, and each new episode will be free. Nomura says the current plan is to adapt the story of Final Fantasy 7 into 10 chapters, with the first three covering the Midgar portion of the story. However, Ever Crisis will also tell the other stories in the Final Fantasy 7 compilation, so expect other chapters beyond this one to cover Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus.

In addition, there will be new scenarios for this interpretation of the story. The original first episode will reveal the story of Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, the Battle Royale mobile game currently in development. “The events of First Soldier take place around 30 years before the main story of FFVII and go into the foundation of SOLDIER, so it goes without saying that you will see some of the legendary heroes in their youth, as well as younger versions of future Shinra executives and other characters who will appear in Remake sequels, ”Nomura said.

Nomura sees Ever Crisis as a chance to bring all of the Final Fantasy 7 stories together into a unified whole. “Compilation titles outside of the original FFVII weren’t structured with [the consistent overworld and battle visual design of the original game] and have completely different combat systems, but I wanted to unify them all into one format for FFVII EC, without losing the individual character of the different games, ”he explained.Additionally, Nomura revealed that Ever Crisis will have special dungeons and battles outside of the main story mode, which can be tackled with any character collection you choose. “These will allow players to enjoy taking on the strongest enemies in the series using their dream party, in a way story battles don’t,” he explained.

For more on the world of Midgar and beyond, take a look at Square’s situation with Final Fantasy 7 Remake and plans for the sequel, and what the studio hopes to achieve with The First Soldier battle royale.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment editor.


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