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Necromancer – Loop Hero wiki guide

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As well as the Thug, the Necromancer can be unlocked before defeating the first boss, the Lich, and will require you to have a certain set of buildings in your camp in order to do so.

In order to get the Necromancer class, you will need to create the Crypt. Here is the order of the buildings you need to create in order to be able to build the crypt and unlock the necromancer.

  1. Country kitchen OR Herbalist’s hut
  2. Gymnasium
  3. Graveyard
  4. Crypt

It doesn’t matter if you build the Country kitchen or Herbalist’s hut first, because both will give you access to the Gymnasium, which will then allow you to build the Graveyard and finally the crypt.

The Necromancer is a bit harder to obtain than the Thug due to the number of buildings required to unlock it, but both characters can be unlocked in both orders, so if you want to prioritize the Necromancer you’re more than capable of doing that.

Class: Necromancer

Summons skeletons who fight alongside their master. The number and power of the skeletons depends on the equipment and skills of the Necromancer.

Additional class statistics:

  • attack speed
  • elude [%]
  • invocation quality
  • regeneration
  • defense
  • skeleton power

The Necromancer can use a grimoire, of them rings, And one amulet.


Better build for the necromancer

The necromancer’s strength comes from his army of skeletons, so you’re going to want a lot.


Increase your max skeletons as much as possible because having a large army of skeletons will not only deal high damage but also extra hits for you.

Having lots of Skeletons alone isn’t enough, you’ll also want to focus on increasing your Skeleton Level stat to make your Skeletons as strong as possible.

Stats like Evasion won’t do as much for you as stats that improve your skeletons, so it’s okay to ignore them.

Floor tile

Forest and Thicket increase your attack speed by 1% and 2% respectively. This stat boost affects all of your skeletons, allowing you to deal your damage much faster.

Likewise, Sand Dunes and Desert tiles decrease health by 0.5% and 1% respectively. However, the skeletons are unaffected by the health debuff, so it will only work in your favor.


Here are some traits that will come in handy when building your necromancer.

  • Edge of the impossible – 20% chance to exceed the number of skeletons and summon 2 during the last summon.
  • The art of control – +1 to the maximum number of skeletons.
  • Horde – 3 reinforced skeletons will join the hero at each loop to help him in battle.

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