Thursday, April 15, 2021

NRL News Brisbane Broncos Actually Andrew Johns for Brodie Croft and Anthony Milford

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Greatest playmaker to ever make it, Andrew Johns, handed the Broncos halves to Brodie Croft and Anthony Milford with a monumental reality check after Brisbane’s 28-16 loss to the Titans.

After a promising display in their loss to the Eels, Kevin Walters’ Broncos had pundits proclaiming that the doom of Brisbane’s historic 2020 Wooden Spoons season was far behind them.

It only took seven days, however, to those feelings to throw out the window after the Broncos fell in a poor performance against local Gold Coast minnows.

At the heart of the Broncos’ problems seem to be the same issues that lasted them through the middle of former coach Anthony Seibold’s tenure – inexperience, uneven defense and speechless leadership at the park.

But if there is a problem to be solved before the peloton, it is what to do with the No. 6 and 7 of the club.

Johns was at a loss for words on Croft and Milford’s efforts on Friday night, even going so far as to call aspects of the pair’s game “like the Under-6s.”

“There are some individuals on this team who are really promising, they have some good players in the park, but their halves just aren’t up to the job,” Johns told Wide World of Sports’ The final whistle.

“Brodie Croft looks so confident and Anthony Milford was still really poor. I don’t know where Kevin is going for these guys in this position. You see those missed tackles, it’s like less than 6.”

“There was a stage in that game where the Broncos were on offense and chasing a few points, and Brodie Croft didn’t touch the ball inside the 20. What are you doing? The halves are playing together.

“I didn’t see them bring any of their players into the game.”

NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler was particularly confused by Milford’s regression in just seven days.

“Looking at them this week, they took two steps back,” Fittler said.

“The way Milford started the season, the confidence he showed against Parramatta was like, ‘Wow, here we go.’ Then a week later, how did we get to this?

Johns also took aim at the club’s recruiting strategies, still in disbelief that there was no experienced statesman to stabilize the ship.

“They have some really good young players on this team; Flegler, Carrigan, Nui, Farnworth, Coates – but I don’t know where the leadership is?” Johns said.

“I don’t know what happened to this club when they were recruited, they don’t have an older tough head in key positions.”

The great shatter the woes of the Broncos

Brisbane hasn’t won in 13 games and over 250 days, dating back to last midseason en route to the wooden spoon.

There is already scrutiny on Walters, a five-time Premier-awarded club player who is in his first role as head coach – and Johns saw little room for maneuver.

JEANS: “I don’t know what Kevie is going to do.”

FITTLER: “Time will take time.”

JEANS: “Yeah, but they just don’t have the time.”

FITTLER: “Well he might lose his job, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

NRL Highlights: Titans Burn Broncos At Home

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