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The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC Review

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Obsidian has leaned heavily to transform The outer worlds in a sci-fi detective game with its two DLC expansions – a direction that plays on the strengths of its characters and writing. That’s smart, considering the fight is pretty much running out of gas at this point. The second and final, Murder on Eridanos, is a more intimate and local thriller that takes you on a trail of clues around a series of colorful floating islands to interrogate strange suspects and wield a high-tech magnifying glass to highlight. evidence of clues. It’s not a big start for this upstart RPG, but it’s another good chunk of time spent in its universe.

After a brief setup in which the star of an in-universe TV show is murdered, you are given a badge and dispatched as an impartial investigator. I only wish we could have seen or at least heard more of these black-ish Halcyon Helen series because the little taste we see is great fun and straight down the aisle from The outer worlds‘ Dark humor.The crime boss, the jilted lover, the bizarre self-help guru, the arrogant co-star and many more are on the list of people of interest, and most of them are in fact. interesting people to talk to. It’s a real murder mystery, and there’s a lot of dialogue here as a lot of the research climbs up every branch of their conversation trees, and between that and reading emails on devices, going to going through every detail for evidence, it may take some time. Depending on your thoroughness, this can last over 10 hours – which isn’t bad at all for a 25-hour RPG expansion.

It feels good to make a call and then find out if you’re right or wrong about it.

As far as I know, there isn’t a significant effect on the story based on your role-playing dialogue choices, but there are a few big decisions to make once you get closer to one. suspect: on the one hand you have to guess who killed the actor which is a breath of fresh air with so many detective games on their way. Of course, it doesn’t matter who you blame the final showdown is indeed the same, but it’s nice to have the chance to make a call and then find out if you’re right or wrong about it, which is a lot more. than Peril on Gorgon did. And of course, then you have to decide what to do when you find out what really happened and the secret of Halcyon Helen was killed to protect it, and you’re given a rationale for going both ways.

You never leave Eridanos as part of the main quest, or even need to return to your ship – you are given a temporary base of operations where your entire team hangs out and a notice board is automatically filled with photos of suspects. and crazy person that ties them together so you can visualize everything without taking too many notes. It makes Murder on Eridanos feel more empowered than any other adventure; almost like its own game. But since you never go, it’s a good thing the map is incredibly diverse, with each of the connected floating islands containing one or two distinct areas. There’s the crime scene at an upscale hotel, the Helen Distillery was there to promote, a crime boss’s lair, vast fields of purple flowers, weird caves, and more – it doesn’t. does not have the feeling of a card that is cobbled together from existing parts. The only nasty thing about it is the long bridges that connect the islands where you just walk straight for about 15 seconds at a time, and how eagerly the main quest sends you back and forth. This sort of thing is exactly what fast travel was invented for.

This sort of thing is exactly what fast travel was invented for.

I didn’t feel bad about taking this shortcut in part because by the time you are at required level 30, The Outer Worlds combat doesn’t hold up and seems mandatory even on hard difficulty, so skip that. seemed unimportant. Even the handful of new weapons on Eridanos don’t fight at all, and enemies are much more identical but with more splash damage.

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