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Are there any perfect parentheses left in 2021? Tracking the best remaining March Madness brackets

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And then there was none. As in, there isn’t a single perfect support left from the NCAA Men’s Tournament after what has been an incredible opening round of March Madness.

The NCAA tournament saw nine absurd upheavals from double-digit ranked teams, plus The Advancement of Oregon # 7 in the second round after 10-seed VCU has been hit by COVID-19 issues. In addition, five teams ranked no more than 12 seeds won their opener, breaking the previous record (four), set in the 2008 NCAA Men’s Tournament.

And all it took was 28 games, four games less than 32 full for the first round: According to the NCAA, the final drop was a 10 seeded Maryland victory over 7 seeded UConn. The Terrapins’ 63-54 win knocked out the last three supports that existed in the world.

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Probably the biggest flaw among millions of brackets is the Oral Roberts 15 Seed Over Ohio State 2 Seed. The Golden Eagles’ 75-72 overtime win over the Buckeyes – the tournament’s No.6 team – was the first blow.

But it was not the last.

On the same day, 13 seeds from North Texas and 12 seeds from the state of Oregon beat 4 seed Purdue and the 5-seeded Tennessee, respectively, further ruining potential perfection. By the end of the game on Friday, there were only 121 perfect brackets out of around 20 million. By the end of the game on Saturday, there was no perfect parenthesis.

Here’s a look at the number remaining after each Saturday game:

  • After Friday: 121 perfect brackets
  • After Colorado-Georgetown: 72
  • After Florida State-UNC Greensboro: 56
  • After Kansas-East Washington: 50
  • After LSU-St. Bonaventure: 23
  • After Michigan-Texas Southern: 22
  • After Creighton-UC Santa Barbara: 18
  • After Alabama-Iona: 18
  • After USC-Drake: 12
  • After Oregon-VCU no competition: Eight
  • After Iowa-Grand Canyon: Eight
  • After Ohio-Virginia: Three
  • After Maryland-UConn: No

Victory by 13-seeded Ohio on 4-seeded Virginia was a blow to the remaining Perfect Brackets, cutting the field by more than half (eight to three). After Maryland defeated UConn, none remained. So we do not even count the victory of Abilene Christian, 14 seeds, over Texas, 3 seeds.

If this upheaval would have been one of the other three hooks, we’ll never know.

Are there any perfect parentheses left in 2021?

No! This was verified by the NCAA, which had a handy GIF to explain the situation:


Nuh uh.







What percentage of brackets is still perfect?

Let’s see … oh, that’s right. Zero percent.

Perfect odds of March Madness support

Here are the odds for the NCAA tournament to end with at least one perfect bracket: +000. Or, if you prefer, 0/0.

What is the longest period during which a bracket has remained perfect?

According to the NCAA, three supports have remained perfect for 27 games, but not anymore. Again, thanks to Maryland for this.

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