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The best movement game for Eelektross in Pokemon GO

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Eelektross is one of the newest additions to Pokemon GO with the recent Charge Up! Event. The final form of Tynamo is a new electric type Pokemon for players to add to their team.

It takes a total of 125 Tynamo candies to get an Eelektross, but the grind can be worth it. Many players can still collect the candy they need to get the Pokémon. However, for those who already have Eelektross, now is the time to choose the best moveset.

Whether it’s for a PvE raid battle or for a Pokemon GO Fighting League team, Eelektross offers some decent perks. One of them is the ability to reach at least 2,500 CP quite easily, unlike other Pokémon which are great in Ultra League battles. but requires XL candy.

Anyone who has found enough candy and has the correct CP can start using their Eelektross in the Ultra League or the Premier Cup.

What is the best movement game for Eelektross in Pokemon GO?

When choosing a good moveset for a Pokemon in Pokemon GO, defense and attack are usually taken into account. Defense is for PvE gym defenses against other players, while offense is usually the best type of combat or the most effective cover overall.

In the case of Eelektross, the offensive and defensive movements are the same. For the quick attack, players should use Spark on acid. Spark does a little less damage, but he charges up attacks faster and can be a good counterattacker to other Ultra League tracks.

Regarding the charge attack, players should use Thunder clap and focus on electric type movements for Eelektross. It has the highest damage from charge attacks available and the energy required to use it isn’t too high, especially with Spark equipped. Players with enough Tynamo Candy can get a second charge move for added versatility.

With the second charge move slot available, players should watch Dragon Claw or Crunch. Dragon Claw should be given priority most of the time as it can charge very quickly and will hit picks like Dragonite or Giratina especially hard. Thunderbolt will always do more damage when moving charge for Eelektross in Pokemon GO, but Dragon Claw offers a second option that can protect burns and counter.

As a one-type Pokémon, Eelektross can struggle in Pokemon GO battles, but it can still be a good counter-choice in the Premier Cup or Ultra League.

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