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Obsidian is everything Minecraft player’s least favorite block. Due to its excruciatingly long extraction time, most players never have Obsidian to spare.

Players primarily use Obsidian for the creation of Void Portals, ignoring its full potential.

This article takes a look at everything gamers need to know about Obsidian in Minecraft.

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Obsidian in Minecraft


Shown: A surface lava pool in which obsidian can be formed (Image via Minecraft)

Obsidian can be obtained in different ways. It can be generated naturally in caves if water enters a lava pool. This is the most common technique used to acquire obsidian.

If the player is lucky, they can find a lava pool on the surface, which is one of the easiest ways to acquire obsidian.

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To mine Obsidian, players must have a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe. If it is mined with another pickax, the block will break and no objects will fall. Obsidian will take a very long time to mine.

Players can also trade with a Piglin for a 10% chance of receiving an Obsidian Block.


Shown: A giant Nether portal. Ignore the carnage in the background … (Image via Minecraft)

As noted above, Obsidians are commonly used for crafting the Nether Portal, a construction necessary if the player wishes to beat Minecraft.

Obsidian has many other interesting uses. They are listed below:

  • It took three obsidians to make a beacon.
  • Four obsidians needed to craft an enchantment table.
  • Eight Obsidians were needed to make an Ender chest.

In addition to these craft uses, Obsidian is an extremely powerful block and is commonly used in PvP for base defense. This is also useful when fighting the Wither, as the player can create an arena in which the Wither cannot explode!


Shown: A Ruined Portal (Image via Minecraft)

Obsidian can also be obtained from several loot chests. The vault locations are listed below: (Java Edition only)

  • 24% chance of finding 4-6 in a Stronghold Remnant Chest.
  • 8% chance of finding 2-4 in a Nether Fortress Chest.
  • 46% chance of finding 1-2 in a Ruined Portal Chest.
  • 25% chance of finding 3-7 in a Weaponmaker’s chest.

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