Friday, April 23, 2021

Mass Effect Legendary Edition new screenshots show Shepard’s custom upgrades

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The new Mass Effect Legendary Edition screenshots highlight Shepard’s custom enhancements while showing different improved areas such as lighting and textures. While this particular Shepard has been seen in the full trailer, these direct-feed screenshots provide a more detailed look at the improvements in Mass Effect 1.

Both new screenshots are courtesy of CD-Action, a Polish magazine. Images have been increased in resolution thanks to Reddit u /Audemus77. The first is the shot seen in the second trilogy remaster trailer, showing a Commander Shepard with texture upgrades, much better lighting, and a hairstyle that was first seen in Mass Effect Andromeda.

CD-Action via Reddit

Andromeda’s hairstyle is one of the few new styles added to character customization. In the first game, you could create your own character, but it was incredibly limited. And I’m sorry, but it’s time to admit something. You know my love for the trilogy and Jane Shepard, but it’s time to be honest and admit that FemShep was dirty in the first game. No matter how many things we did to make her our own, she always ended up looking like a young Joan Rivers. Now she looks like she has variety which is awesome! Everyone should feel like they did something special when creating their character.

The second screenshot centers around Eden Prime, showing the deeper details of the environment itself, along with softer colors and more dimensioned lighting.

CD-Action via Reddit

The Legendary Edition of Mass Effect was our cover story last month and we had a ton of exclusive coverage to reveal, including screenshots, why Pinnacle DLC is missing, and more. If you are interested you can check it all out here with our game hub remaster.

What do you think of the legendary edition of Mass Effect so far? Are you glad they are gone the remaster route, or were you hoping for a remake? Hear those N7 thoughts in the comments section below, Garrus Vakarian would like you to.

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