Monday, April 19, 2021

Two new Xbox Series X wireless controllers unveiled with electric voltage and Daystrike camouflage

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Microsoft loves having a huge range of Xbox Wireless Controllers, even beyond the ability to make them yourself. via Xbox Design Lab. The latest two to be added to the lineup are another camouflage design and the radioactive electric Volt. We have our first look at the two new Xbox Series X wireless controllers below.

The first controller presented is the Electric Volt. It looks like the bright yellow spearmint gum brand, so I like it a bit. It is definitely a strong pivot for the brand, in terms of colors. No special design can be seen, just a choice of color, but it was definitely created in such a way as not to lose it. Just look for a controller that appears to have turned on the beacons, and it’s Gondor calling for help:

“Inspired by the energy and vibrance often found in sportswear and sneaker designs, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Electric Volt is the new color for the current generation of Xbox controllers,” says the latest. Xbox Wire blog post before it arrives on April 27. for $ 64.99.

The second controller revealed is more in line with previous designs. Xbox loves its camouflage, and the latest Daystrike Camo Special Edition controller definitely continues that tradition.

This is the third Xbox Wireless Controller to debut in the steadily growing camouflage lineup after Night-Ops Camo and Arctic Camo. With three different shades of splashed red with a black and gray background, Microsoft designed this one with a “streetwear vibe” in mind. The Daystrike Camo Special Edition controller arrives a bit later than the electric model, with a filing date of May 4, 2021, for $ 69.99.

Microsoft also added that it has taken steps with the new revelation to be greener. According to the blog, “Additionally, our efforts to become more sustainable throughout the life cycle of Xbox products apply to Xbox wireless controllers. With the new Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo Special Edition controllers, we will be incorporating recycled resins. post-consumer (PCR). For the first time on any Xbox hardware. Both controllers will contain a portion of resins made from recycled materials such as automotive headlight covers, plastic water cans and CD — the same durability or controller performance you have come to expect. We are excited to take this next step in our commitment to waste reduction and recycling while delivering innovative new controller designs.

Don’t have an Xbox Series X or S? Do not worry! These controllers are also compatible with the Xbox One. You can read more with the last blog post on the right here.

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