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How to get started in Monster Hunter Rise

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The last chapter of the Monster Hunter series launched yesterday. We know the vast majority of players will likely be returning veteran hunters, but let’s not just forget the novice adventurers who might struggle with the series’ (sometimes) difficult difficulty curve. Join us as we bring you some of the most important tips you’ll need to get started in Monster Hunter Rise.

Capture monsters instead of killing them

Here’s a classic Monster Hunter tip: stop killing anything that moves (especially your bigger, fiercer opponents). The rewards you earn at the end of each quest determine the pieces of gear you can replenish in Kamura Village. Capturing your prey can provide you with exclusive materials in addition to your normal transport. I’ll be the first to admit that outright erasing monsters (especially that damn Somnacanth) are cathartic as hell. But if you’re looking to get more for your money, equip yourself with a trap or two and some tranq bombs (or tranq bullets if you’re a bowmaster like me). When your target monster is weak enough, place a trap in its path and pop those tranquilizers as soon as it’s immobilized.

Lock in with the targeting system

The first few hours of Monster Hunter Rise are overflowing with tutorial text, and it can often be overwhelming for some players. If you can’t remember how to lock in to big targets, we’ve got you covered. Look at the top right of the screen to see the icons associated with the large monsters currently on the map. Click the right analog stick to cycle through and highlight one of those targets at a time, then once you’re near the monster you can just press L to focus on it. Once locked, flip the right joystick right or left to cycle through specific hitboxes on the monster’s body.

Use Wirebugs Often

Among the most important additions introduced by Monster Hunter Rise are wirebugs, which essentially serve as a grappling hook mechanic that can be used to scale large mountains, engage in aerial combos, and execute powerful silk links on monsters. Each weapon has two unique silk binding moves that can be used by combining ZL with X or A. These attacks range from stationary traps that the monster can run into head first to flying acrobatic attacks that deal massive damage. Make sure you time your moves well, as each wirebug move consumes one of your two wirebug cooldowns. Finally, Great Wirebugs can also be found in the environment and when used they send your hunter to new heights.

Damage other monsters while riding a Wyvern

Wyvern Riding is hands down the most exciting new feature in Monster Hunter Rise. Successful silk bindings allow you to ride stunned monsters and exert control over them, albeit for a short period of time. After riding the backs of these majestic beasts, you have two options: dash against hard surfaces to quickly bring your mount to its knees, or attack other unsuspecting monsters nearby. The latter of the two is the optimal option simply because your damage output is guaranteed to be higher. Just imagine taking down a terrifying monster with a Rathalos fireball or Tobi-Kadachi tail. Stop dreaming and go try it for yourself!

Enable camera focus option for handheld playback

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons have less-than-great analog sticks that make movement smooth and tracking difficult to execute. It can be boring to follow fast moving monsters if you don’t have a Pro controller handy, but luckily the Focus Camera option makes portable gaming so much more enjoyable by centering the camera and automatically following the monster. currently targeted. To activate this function, press the More button and go to the System submenu and select Options. Scroll down to Camera and then find the Camera Style option to switch from target camera to focus camera.

Research and build subcamps as soon as possible

As you explore each environment, you might come across suitable places to set up sub-camps. These hidden areas allow you to establish additional anchor points for quick transport. This is beneficial in spacious places like lava caves and sand plains. Of course, setting up additional camps isn’t as easy as pushing a button; you will have to accept side quests specific to the camp in Kamura village, which might require you to kill certain monsters or collect an array of materials. Once you complete the assigned task, a new camp icon will appear on your world map and fast travel is enabled. Use your subcamps to access certain collectibles or roaming monsters as soon as you load up.

Use the detailed map view for efficient farms

Some weapons like the Bow Pistol require different types of ammo for certain situations, which are crafted by collecting resources from the environment. To make these farming operations more efficient, we recommend that you upgrade to the detailed mini-map version.

To do this, open your system options again. This time go to Game Settings. Scroll down to HUD Map Type and switch from General Map to Detailed Map. Underneath, make sure the HUD board failover type is enabled. Now your minimap will show a close-up view of the collectibles in the environment, and if you want a larger view of the map, you can press L to look at the general map again.

Prioritize defense statistics during opening hours

At first, you are the lowest hunter on the totem pole despite the serious potential of “the chosen one.” As usual, your starting gear will have negligible stats, and low-rank monsters like the Great Baggi and Kulu-Ya-Ku will throw at you like a ragdoll. Do not worry, it’s normal; that’s Monster Hunter’s notorious difficulty curve. Get your bearings, make sure you eat an order of Bunny Dango in the canteen before a big hunt, and throw whatever you have in each quest. On the return journeys, use monster parts to craft better armor. Sure, more powerful weapons are appealing, but it’s far more important that you take your time and live to see another day than stepping out into a post-battle lootless flame of glory to your name.

Get to know the training area with friends

The best way to enjoy Monster Hunter Rise is with friends, but as is the case with most multiplayer games, sometimes you will find yourself waiting for someone who is busy exploring menus or doing something else outside. of the screen. Instead of sitting down and scrolling through social media, head to the training room, which can be quickly accessed by traveling quickly around the village or by the small ferry that rests on the waterfront at Buddy Plaza.

The training room provides a safe environment for testing new weapons. You will be able to practice combos on a giant stationary monster while the input controls are displayed on the screen to help you better understand the individual moves in a given combo. And the best part is that several friends can train together in the training room!

Use the facilities at Buddy Plaza often

Your familiar palicos and palamutes do more than just aid you in combat or transport you from point A to point BA at Buddy Plaza, your furry friends can be sent on missions to catch various items from the lands beyond the village borders. from Kamura. The Meowcenaries, a small group of elite Palico scavengers, can be mobilized and sent on long journeys to secure monster parts and crafting materials from a multitude of different locations. Rhondine the Trader gives you submarines that your pets can use to travel abroad and barter foreign trade goods. Or, if you prefer to have your friends by your side at all times, you can choose to improve their stats and skills in the Buddy Dojo. Rent a ton of palicos and palamutes and build an intercontinental empire.

Whether you’re a new fan or a returning fan, there is a lot to explore in the game’s many biomes, and a lot of fun to find in its arsenal of weapons and companions. Whichever way you choose to play, we hope these ten essential tips will help you get started in Monster Hunter Rise.

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