Thursday, April 22, 2021

Xbox Game Pass to add 22 new games with ID @ Xbox

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In addition to the 20 new Bethesda games and EA Play titles, Xbox Game Pass adds even more games to the subscription service with 20 new indie gems that are too good to ignore. From real gun romance to taking a more cyberpunk-inspired approach to gaming, here are the latest additions to the library as Xbox Game Pass adds 20 new games with ID @ Xbox.

What’s new on Xbox Game Pass

The cool thing about Xbox Game Pass is that it’s an ever-evolving subscription service that’s constantly expanding to include new adventures. Some games are coming, some are going, but the library is always evolving to adapt to what players want to play. So what are the latest adventures ahead for members? Let’s break down all the games arriving on the launch day of each title!

  • Art of the Ralley by Funselektor Labs Inc. – Cloud and Console
  • Astria Ascending from Plug in Digital, Artisan Studios – Cloud and Console
  • Raw Fury Backbone, EggNut – Cloud and Console
  • Boyfriend Dungeon from Kitfox Games – Console and PC
  • Pocketpair Craftopia – Console and PC
  • Dead Static Drive by Team Fanclub – Console and PC
  • Edge of Eternity from Dear Villagers, Midgar Studio – Cloud and Console
  • Hello Neighbor 2 from tinyBuild Games, Dynamic Pixels, Gearbox – Cloud and Console
  • Project Moon Ruina Library – Cloud and Console
  • Little Witch in the Woods from SKT, Sunny Side Up – Cloud and Console
  • Moonglow Bay by Coatsink Software, Bunnyhug – Cloud and Console
  • Narita Boy from Team17, Studio Koba – Cloud and Console
  • Nobody Saves the World from Drinkbox Studios – Cloud and Console
  • Omno by Studio Inkyfox – Cloud and console
  • Recompile from Dear Villagers, Phigames – Cloud, Console and PC
  • Sable by Raw Furty, Shedworks – Console and PC
  • She dreams of Studio Zevere elsewhere – Console and PC
  • GSC Game World STALKER 2 – Cloud and Console
  • The Ascent from Curve Digital, Neon Giant – Cloud, console and PC
  • Undungeon by tinyBuild Games, Laughing Machines – Cloud, Console and PC
  • Path to the Woods from One Pixel Dog – Cloud and Console
  • The Wild at Heart by Humble Bundle, Moonlight Kids – Console

If you are looking for horror, you can’t go wrong with STALKER 2, especially for those looking for a truly gruesome and immersive Chernobyl experience.

Personally, I’m really excited for Boyfriend Dungeon. Romantic games like this usually aren’t my forte, but one thing I loved about Dream Daddy was how absolutely hilarious it was. There were so many times I laughed uncontrollably with his witty writing and characters that felt natural to me. I get a similar Boyfriend Dungeon vibe very well: a fun experience that’s a hilarious ride coupled with a meaningful connection. Even if this connection is a sword.

There are so many amazing titles to choose from. You can see a full breakdown of every game coming this year on Xbox Game Pass to the right here.

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