Sunday, April 18, 2021

Smite celebrates 7th anniversary with new update

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New Hit Update: Talons of Tyranny Brings Birthday Bash, New Event, Purrrfect Battle Pass and more – available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S!

Hit became lucky number 7 on March 25, and we want to spend it with you! To celebrate, we’ve added a free two-week in-game event: Birthday Bash! You can complete quests and unlock awesome gifts, such as avatars, boosters, and community submitted gems. There will be new rewards every day, so be sure to log in and don’t miss out. Collect 6 event items to unlock the exclusive Classic Ao Kuang Kukulkan skin. That’s not all! For an added celebration we are having a Gem and Ultimate God Pack sale – up to 50% off.

This update also kicks off the all-new Talons of Tyranny event, our major spring event. Tiamat, the Savior of the World banished Cthulhu with his arrival, but is she friend or foe? You and the gods must discover its true nature. If it’s a friend, it’s a chance. If she’s an enemy, it’s dangerous. The Talons of Tyranny event will span the next four major content updates and include new skins, quests, new gods, and rewards. Headlining the event is the dark and weird addition to the level 5 line: Forgotten Gods Chaac.

A priest from a forgotten mythology, the last human to know these ancient gods, was chosen as the recipient. The priest uses a gifted relic to transform into three gods: optimism, passion and rage. Unlock all the items in the four Chapter Chests to earn this amazing reward. Can’t you wait? Purchase everything to immediately unlock the Forgotten Gods Chaac skin and pre-order all future skins in the Talons of Tyranny event.

Smite turns 7

Last but not least, this update also includes the Heroes of the Wild Battle Pass. The mellowest adventurers join the battlefield of the gods. When you purchase the Battle Pass, you will instantly unlock Heroic Husky Fenrir. Then earn more rewards like Sushi Neko Bacchus and Chibi Inu Amaterasu just by playing Hit. And we can’t forget the final Battle Pass reward: the Nekomancer Zhong Kui. He’s definitely the coolest cat in town.

We are forever grateful to celebrate our 7th anniversary with you. We have so many more exciting updates so we hope you spend even more birthdays with us in the future. We will see you on the battlefield of the gods!

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