Friday, April 16, 2021

NRL News, Cam Munster stands up for Craig Bellamy after ‘disrespectful’ media attack

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Melbourne storm Star Cameron Munster jumped in defense of mentor Craig Bellamy after media experts accused the veteran coach of deliberately implementing tactics on the pitch “designed to maim and injure” rival players.

The Storm has officially made complaints to the NRL and Fox Sports about comments from reporters working for the broadcaster who targeted Bellamy last week.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Bellamy took particular offense at comments from Fox Sports NRL 360 host Paul Kent, who suggested that the coach had implemented malicious wrestling tactics during his tenure at The Storm that were “Designed to maim and injure”.

“Alright let me say this, grapple tackle, chicken wing, rolling pin, hip drop, crusher, crocodile rolls, cannonballs, ankle twists,” Kent said on NRL 360.

“The one constant in Melbourne since 2005, when all of those tackles were introduced and then banned in the game, has been head coach Craig Bellamy. So I think the less advice we take from Craig Bellamy on the welfare of the players. , the better.

“And you can go to town because you know what? They’re the ones doing it. The game is now producing rules to counter what Melbourne is trying to introduce. I have no stock.”

In a disturbing development of the storm, the Courier Mail reports that Bellamy is so upset by the allegations that he may consider stepping away from the game after his current contract at the end of the season.

This threw a huge key in the works for the Victorian franchise, which is now trying to lure Bellamy to stay in 2022.

Speaking publicly for the first time on the matter, Munster made a passionate defense of his longtime mentor on behalf of his teammates, announcing that he had had a “grit” of criticism directed at Bellamy.

“I had a guts, to be honest nobody wants to hurt players,” Munster told Nine’s Danny Weidler.

“It’s a bit disrespectful they say about the club.

“If they have a problem with someone, go talk to them. Don’t go sit there and deal with it on a sign.

“I don’t really care what the media thinks. If they think I’m a worm, then I’m a worm.

After notching two losses on the trot, the pressure has been increased on the reigning prime ministers, but Munster believes it is the players and not the coach who are failing the storm.

“I know how hard he works and he always takes that workload off the players,” he said.

“We have to show a little faith and respect, and go back and try to play a lot better for Craig. I feel like he’s probably taking the bigger one and he shouldn’t. being.”

“In previous years he would’ve been mad at a lot of people and pointed the finger at, but he put it on himself to be honest, which is a little weird.”

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