Thursday, April 22, 2021

Razer reveals new ‘Go Green’ initiative

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Doing even the smallest of actions can have a great impact on our environment. Although we haven’t been here for long, the time we are here can be shared with the guarantee of a better future for tomorrow. Many game companies are taking action to “go green”, one of which is Razer.

Razer is known for its gaming peripherals and laptops, but what they also want to be known for is making a greener future. The gaming brand has sketched out a 10-year environmental roadmap under the #GoGreenWithRazer banner to achieve these conscientious goals.

“Through our #GoGreenWithRazer campaign led by our mascot Sneki Snek, the Razer community has been incredibly supportive and passionate,” said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. “Awareness of our impact on the environment is extremely important. Therefore, Razer has planned a sustainability roadmap to continue to tackle environmental and climate change. We are determined to make the world a better place where all of its citizens can play and live. “

With preservation efforts in mind, the company aims to use 100% renewable energy by 2025, with all products using recycled materials by 2030, while being 100% carbon neutral. As Razer continues to develop as the foundation of gaming, the focus on doing good also continues to expand.

This action plan not only has an impact on customers; there is also a change in internal culture. The company tells us that the Razer team is taking steps internally to be “greener,” such as eliminating all single-use plastics from the office while working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, preserve bio-habitats and work in this direction. 100% carbon neutrality.

In addition to product changes and internal adjustments, a Razer has also announced plans to inspire its community following its partnership with Conservation International. After the most recent efforts to save 1,000,000 trees thanks to the Sneki Snek plushie purchases, the team takes this promotion even further with new Sneki Snek products revealed every 250,000 mark.

To learn more about Razer’s efforts to become a greener brand, you can check out its comprehensive environment-focused campaign on the right. here.

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