Friday, April 16, 2021

Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris reunite for great Goldfish publicity

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July 2019 marked the end of the “Bobi and Tobi” era, as Boban Marjanovic signed with the Mavericks in free agency and left Tobias Harris on the 76ers. Marjanovic and Harris weren’t just teammates in Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. They had also become extremely close friends.

The “Bobi and Tobi” show brought pure joy to every city in the NBA, so fans took the break up pretty hard.

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Well folks, here’s some great news to brighten up your day: the boys are back together!

Marjanovic and Harris have reunited for a new Goldfish commercial that gives off the energy of comedy with friends. In the ad, Harris tells Marjanovic that the only way to eat goldfish well is to catch a handful. Harris estimates that he pulled about 73 goldfish out of the bag.

Of course, Marjanovic takes this as a challenge, and … boom.

This poor bag never had a chance against the gigantic mittens of Marjanovic.

Both players celebrated the debut of the advertisement on Twitter, to the delight of their followers.

There is, however, a big question: Did Marjanovic get the void?

Someone, please tell the superiors of Pepperidge Farm to continue this story.

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