Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Francisco Lindor de Mets says he will be a ‘bad mother’ at 38

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Has anyone taken a look at Francisco Lindor’s wallet?

Not because he just signed a super thick 10-year, $ 341 million extension with the Mets, but because she might have “Bad Mother F-uh” on it, like Jules in “Pulp Fiction.”

Lindor will be in New York during his 38-year season, which means he will be at the back 9 of his career when the deal is done. He would like you to know, however, that he will certainly swing that stick and hit the opposing pitchers with great vengeance and furious anger.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Lindor answered the question: What kind of player do you think you are at 38?

AFTER: Francisco Lindor contract details

“I’ll be a bad mother later,” Lindor said.

The Mets and Lindor reached the deal on the eve of opening day, the deadline set by Lindor for contract extension talks for 2021.

Really, this is a good deal for Lindor for a number of reasons: the money is great for the player, he’s ahead of a swollen free agent shortstop market and he won’t have to worry either. the probable work stoppage in progress. ABC’s talks this winter.

Whether Lindor will be a bad MF or just plain bad remains to be seen, but Lindor at least has enough confidence to believe he will be the first.

You know what they call a superstar shortstop in France? A Lindor with cheese. Or something.

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