Thursday, April 15, 2021

Game Infarcer: ESA announces legendary E3 edition

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Instead of another year without a “real” E3, ESA has an announcement that’s sure to appease fans of commercials, industry jokes, and pre-alpha footage. The Legendary E3 Edition, which brings together, updates and remastering fan favorite moments from E3 over the years, is set to release in summer 2021.

The E3 Legendary Edition offers “up to 32 hours of content” for fans to enjoy. This includes Konami’s historic 2010 press conference, every appearance by Aisha Tyler, and G4’s full archive of booth baby videos. Additionally, ESA has confirmed that the remaster will ship with 1236 trailers launched throughout the history of the conference, but this time upgraded to 4K with HDR, meaning everything will definitely be worse and more confusing. than what the developers had originally planned.

The audio has undergone a complete overhaul and in some cases has been entirely re-recorded for the remaster, such as Mr. Caffeine’s “performance” at Ubisoft’s 2011 press conference with Nolan North. And finally, it’s not just old content: ESA has announced that the E3 Legendary Edition will launch with the names, addresses and personal details of 250 new members of the press around the world, in addition to all information released in 2019. The E3 Legendary Edition: The Limited Edition comes with an authentic slice of undercooked pizza from the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“We hope the players’ bodies are ready, because like a giant enemy crab, the E3 Legendary Edition ™ arrives faster than a Riiiidge Racer!” ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis said in a press release.

The E3 Legendary Edition will be released this summer. It will be free for members of the press and sky-high for any fans who actually get something out of the show and have a good time.

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