Game Infarcer: My uncle who worked for Nintendo got promoted to Fortnite

Game Infarcer: My uncle who worked for Nintendo got promoted to Fortnite


[Editor’s Note: This guest editorial comes from Jaden Clark, Age 10]

Hey guys, I know what you’re thinking, “This is Jaden, the kid who has all the good secrets on what’s next for Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon, because his uncle works at Nintendo.” I hate to tell you guys, but this well of information is about to run out. My uncle – the same guy who told me the upcoming Splatoon game is like Grand Theft Auto and you can drive cars that shoot paint and hijack a rocket to go to the original game – no longer works at Nintendo. He was promoted… to Fortnite!

He just started a few weeks ago, so he doesn’t know ALL the secrets yet. I managed to get some interesting information from him. Remember Galactus fighting at the end of this Marvel season? Did you know you can actually play with him? I gave my gamertag to my uncle, and he gave me access to Galactus and every skin and emote in the game. Basically you run over everyone on the island and hit them just one. And you can take the towers in Steamy Stacks and smoke them like cigarettes and walk to the island from the waiting room, then take the bus as a glider. It’s really cool.

The next season will be even better than all the old ones. You are going to be able to build guns and bombs, then your forts can be like army bases. Also, this Lexa anime skin was a test – they’re going to add Naruto and Avatar to the game. Fortnite has seen what Roblox is doing, and they’re also putting Peppa Pig and Jeff the Killer in the game, but that’s not going to happen. maybe not until next season. Anyway, my uncle gives me free Battle Passes and V-Buxes for life. It’s awesome.

And before you ask, he left the code for Smash Bros. for Zero Suit Samus Zero Suit in his old office at Nintendo and they didn’t let him come back and grab him. He showed it to me on his phone, and they were really great guys. Honestly.



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