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Gathering Hub vs Village Quests (Multiplayer Scaling)

Multiplayer Gathering Hub quests are more difficult than village quests although the difficulty changes dynamically based on the number of hunters in a quest.

Can you play village quests in multiplayer?

The short answer: no, you can’t play village quests with other people. These are only for one player.

There are also no multiplayer tutorial missions, so we recommend that you start with the Village Key Quests – which are much easier and include tutorials – before moving on to the assembly center. Unless you’re already a veteran Monster Hunter or have someone to play with who is already knowledgeable!

Also see: Story Walkthrough – Key Village and Hub Quests

How to play with friends

What are lobbies?

A “Lobby” in Monster Hunter Rise is a multiplayer session in which up to 4 people can participate. In a hall, hunters can go about their business Kamura Village, and even do their own solo village quests.


The method for playing with friends is generally the same whether you are playing locally or online:

  1. Talk to Senri the Postman – it’s the Palico right in front of the village quest counter!
  2. Choose either Play locally or Play online
  3. Create a lobby – If you’re online or in a public setting, set a password if you want to play with specific people. Otherwise, anyone can participate.
  4. Your friends just have to consult their friends list, choose you and “View lobby information” to join your lobby.

After you’ve created an online lobby, send an invite to a friend on your friends list to let them know you can play. However, they will still need to join your lobby using the method described above.

As you play with friends, you will earn free items that will help you in multiplayer, like Lifepowders, Armor Powder, and more.

How to play with hazards online

There are two ways to join random players in Monster Hunter Rise.

Join an online lobby

  1. Talk to Senri the Postman – it’s the Palico right in front of the village quest counter!
  2. Choose Play online
  3. Create a lobby and leave it open, or choose Find Lobby to join the one someone has already created.

Send friend requests from Monster Hunter Rise: If you’re playing with someone you love, add them to your Nintendo Switch Friends list from Rise! In a lobby with someone, open the Multiplayer tab of your menu. Look at the list of players. From there, you can check out their Nintendo Switch profile and submit a friend request.

Respond to a request to participate – Choose a specific quest!

Respond to a request to participate to join a specific quest with other people! Simply open the Quest Board with the D-Pad, choose Respond to Query Request, and choose the quest you want to do. You will join an ongoing quest.

You can also post your own Hub Quest and open it for others to join by posting a quest to the Hub Quest Counter and choosing “Accept via Request to Join”. Then others can join your quest while you’re at it (so yes, you have to start the quest – players won’t join your lobby this way).

How Hunter Connects Works

A Hunter Connect is basically a way to easily organize a group of people, like Squads were in Monster Hunter World.

How to create or join a Hunter Connect: Create a Hunter Connect by looking at the Multiplayer tab in your main menu and choosing Hunter Connect. From there, choose Join Guest Connection to join someone else’s group or Create New Connection to create your own.

About automatic invitations: If automatic invite is enabled, all friends will automatically be able to join your Hunter Connect with the above method if they join a lobby with you. Anyone who is a Mutual Like (see below) will automatically be able to join your Hunter Connect using the above method as well.

To invite specific people: To invite only specific people, turn off the automatic invitation. Then, when someone is in your lobby, open the Hunter Connect menu, choose a Hunter Connect, then “Invite to Connect”.

How to use Hunter Connects: Now that you have created or joined a Hunter Connect, talk to Senri the Mailman, choose “play online” and then “Hunter Connect”. Create an online lobby with the Hunter Connect of your choice – if someone else has already created a lobby with your Hunter Connect settings, you can join them from here!

Hunter Connect is the easiest way to organize a group of friends. If you’re all part of the same Hunter Connect and get into the habit of creating a Hunter Connect lobby, everyone in that group can easily join it without having to coordinate with specific people. Everyone must use it! I can also create multiple lobbies under the same Hunter Connect.

The similar system

At the end of a quest, you can send “likes” to hunters you have played with. You can send a Like to each of them by pressing the corresponding direction on a D-Pad.

You can see a list of Mutual Likes by speaking to Senri the Mailman, and you can join an online mutual lobby as if they are leaving it open. Mutual Likes can also join your own open online lobby.



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