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Hulk Hogan explains how he could have helped Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE

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WWE Hall of Fame Hulk hogan talked about wanting to face Stone Cold Steve Austin after returning to WWE in 2002. Hogan said he could have gotten rid of Austin if the two Legends were in a feud with each other.

Hulk Hogan returned to WWE in 2002, nearly a decade after leaving the company to join WCW. After his return, he faced The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle, to name a few, but missed out against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

On the recent After The Bell podcast, Hulk Hogan said his “goal” after a feud with The Rock was to face Stone Cold Steve Austin and put on the Texas Rattlesnake.

“My goal was to have this run with The Rock and then focus on Stone Cold. Because, as a heel, I could have put it all over the place. chased me – and as Stone Cold said, “If there’s any money to be made, let’s do it, bro. That was my goal. It was to get him into that Hulk Hogan area.” and to make him understand – he had been beaten pretty badly with his neck and a bunch of stuff – I just wanted him to understand how you are in the ring, the way you feel was the same as you will feel after working out with me on the way home. It’ll be nice and easy, but we’ll tear down the house. “

Hulk Hogan said his goal was to get even more fans on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s side, but the match did not materialize.

Why Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan didn’t happen in WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan

Former WWE Commentator and Hall of Famer Jim Ross revealed why a match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan did not take place in WWE. He said Austin thought his wrestling pace wouldn’t have matched Hogan’s style.

“I think Steve’s problem was just that Steve had a really high pace – intense, aggressive, a little tight, high pace. Maybe it didn’t fit Hogan’s style at the time because of his back. But that would have been an interesting attraction. “

Stone Cold Steve Austin was at the end of his WWE in-ring stint when Hulk Hogan returned to the business because injuries interrupted his career.

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Posted on 01 Apr 2021 at 6:03 PM EST

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