Friday, April 16, 2021

Outriders are now available with Xbox Game Pass

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  • Sci-Fi RPG Shooter Outriders is now available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.
  • Xbox Game Pass members can access Outriders today.
  • Learn the “Six Cs” to help you start your adventure.

Today marks a momentous occasion for Outriders – the full game is now available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and with Xbox Game Pass!

Many of you have played free Outriders demo, so you know exactly what you are doing. If this is your first time hearing about our game, check out our previous Wire article which details exactly what Outriders is all about and what you can expect. The article also covers the demo details which allows you to carry over your progress and achievements in the full game!

Now that Outriders is there, we’ve rounded up the ‘Six C’s’ to keep in mind as you continue your journey through the planet Enoch:

Keep your characters and your progress

Your demo progress and characters will be waiting for you when you launch the main game. You don’t need to go through complex transfer gymnastics! If you’d rather change your character’s appearance, remember that you can do that in urban centers as well – no need to start over!

Check your reserve

If you have pre-ordered Outriders, be sure to check your stash for Hell’s Ranger bonus equipment. And if you’ve spent a lot of time in the demo, there’s a good chance you’ve automatically sent loot to your stash once your inventory is full. Your stash can be found at any hub, so be sure to check it out when you return to the game.


Crafts, crafts, crafts

You will soon have access to Outriders extensive crafting system. This will allow you to change the levels, variants, mod combinations of your gear, and much more. If you have demo gear that burns a hole in your inventory, I recommend taking it apart rather than selling it. Dismantling will provide you with resources, shards, and mods that you can use with other gear through the crafting system.

Customize everything

Player choice is at the heart of Outriders and something that we take seriously throughout the experience. If you’ve played the demo, you know the versatility of each class and the additional skills you unlock as you level up – the full game will continue to push you to trade and explore new versions on a regular basis. Player choice also extends beyond gameplay, and since the demo launched, we’ve also added a toggle for motion blur which can be found in your settings menus.


Challenge yourself using global levels

See players cultivate the Outriders The demo has been incredibly exciting for us and we hope everyone will continue to enjoy the legendary gear hunt in the full game. You will now be able to raise your World Level even higher… as long as you can survive it. Pushing your world level will indeed increase your chances of rarer loot, but it will also result in greater difficulty and more difficult enemy encounters. Don’t worry if you are spending time at a certain world level or even if you prefer to play at a lower world level – it’s totally okay!

Challenge Levels

Challenge Levels are an additional difficulty modifier for Post Campaign Expeditions. They are separate from the world levels and completing them is a key requirement for progressing towards the more difficult expeditions in the game. Good luck.


Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone in the Xbox community and on Xbox. Outriders would not be where it is today without the support that each of you has provided.

In December, we leveraged the Xbox Insider Preview program to give a small number of players early access to the full game and to help us better understand the player experience and the balance of the game. Help from the Xbox Insider community is a fantastic example of how useful it is for us developers to work closely with gamers to develop the games you want to play.


Over the past year, the Xbox team have also been incredibly supportive of our plans to show Outriders to you in the most transparent way possible. We have worked closely together to ensure that players fully understand this Outriders is, smoke and mirror free.

In view of all this, to deliver Outriders with Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One just feels to the right. It’s a testament to the belief and support of everyone involved, and we look forward to walking Enoch alongside each of you.

See you there, Outriders.

Xbox live

Outriders – Standard Edition

Square Enix Ltd


$ 59.99

Buy OUTRIDERS now to receive the free Hell’s Rangers Content Pack, which includes: • The Hell’s Rangers Male and Female Gear Sets. • The Hell’s Rangers arsenal of 11 unique weapons. • Hell’s Rangers truck mods and decals. This offer is only available for a limited time. OUTRIDERS is a cooperative RPG shooter game for 1-3 players set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe. As humanity bleeds in the trenches of Enoch, you will create your own Outrider and embark on a journey through the hostile planet. With rich storytelling spanning a diverse world, you’ll leave the slums and slums of First City and travel through forests, mountains, and desert in pursuit of a mysterious signal. Combining an intense shooter with violent powers and an increasingly twisted arsenal of weapons and equipment, OUTRIDERS delivers countless hours of play with one of the best shooter developers in the industry – People Can Fly. The game takes advantage of smart delivery to access both the Xbox One title and the Xbox Series X title | S when available.

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