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Fortnite: Where to Stuff Inflatable Eggs

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It’s spring Fortnite again. That means bunny skins, colorful eggs, and a host of new challenges, including a special, brought to you by Webster, that involves bunny-inspired eggs and items. The legendary challenge of Webster is divided into several levels and all of them require you to find inflatable eggs hidden around the island in order to unlock cool items. To help you with that endeavor, we’ve picked out the best locations to find these inflatable eggs in our guide below.

First reward for Webster’s Legendary Challenge

Webster’s first reward is the Quack Tactical Pickaxe. This melee item is unlocked after you collect 10 inflatable eggs. The problem is, everyone is hunting eggs right now, so acquiring 10 eggs can be harder than it looks.

Where to find inflatable eggs in Fortnite

Fortnite’s inflatable eggs stand out for their size and decorative patterns. That said, they can be hard to find in any given match. This is because they can appear almost anywhere on the map; Much like wildlife, inflatable eggs aren’t necessarily limited to spawning in a specific area of ​​the map.

There are a few places a lot of them can spawn, but none of these places are as reliable as we would hope. It was hard to tell if we got there too late (and someone ripped them off) or if they just failed to appear during this game. That said, there is one place where you are almost guaranteed to find a few eggs and that is too recommended by InTheLittleWood on Youtube.The location in question is east of Weeping Woods and south of the Spire. This raised area appears to be the home of Cluck, the large hen NPC carrying eggs. Appropriate, given that there are always 4 or 5 eggs sitting just outside its camp. Just run to each egg and interact with it.

To note: Cluck’s location might be grayed out for you. Although I’ve landed here before, it took a while to figure out where to go to get it to appear on the map. The trick is to head to Primal Lake, a location directly southeast of Cluck Camp.H There are other hot spots on the map that are home to eggs. I found a decent amount in the beach area just west of Steamy Stacks, for example. You can also occasionally find a bunch of them around Stealth Stronghold. These places are hotly contested, however, and since they don’t always have inflatable eggs, they’re not always worth a visit.

Cluck’s camp is the way to go. There are always eggs there. It’s a secluded spot too, so you won’t have to worry about shooting it with anyone. Of course, that could change now that you all know where to go. Just be sure to save some eggs for me if I get right next to you this week.

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