Friday, April 16, 2021

Jack Ziebell slammed after kangaroos battled Western Bulldogs, David King and Wayne Carey

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Big kangaroos Wayne Carey and David King put the torch on their former team after a disastrous 128-point loss to the Western Bulldogs.

After entering the game after heavy defeats in a row, David Noble’s men were humiliatingly dismantled by high-flying Bulldogs outfit in a rare prime-time television slot.

North Melbourne was well beaten by a young Gold Coast outfit in the second round and a skipper Jack ziebell promised a better performance after the 59-point loss, calling it “unacceptable”

While Ziebell recorded 33 eliminations in his new defensive role, King singled out the skipper for a drop in his second-half effort which saw the Dogs score 16 goals to two.

“I think Jack Ziebell was a victim of his own efforts early on, he blew up, no doubt about it,” he told Fox Footy.

“He can’t finish the game and play as a half-back, the demands of the game mean you have to run more runs than Jack is probably capable of at this point, which is a real question for him if he can. play as a half back flanker.

“We had been in this position seven days ago. So when you make closed statements like that, I think you have to confirm it. Obviously, they didn’t.

“He fell a lot of time in the second half. And they are inviting the pressure that is now coming from outside sources, like us in the media, we have to call it what we see it.”

The performance left Kangaroos Premier’s two-time captain Wayne Carey furious, as he unloaded the team’s efforts midway through the third quarter.

“Age doesn’t stop you from pushing and doing all that one percent that we talk about so often,” he said on the cover of Seven.

“You can cop beat by a better team. I wasn’t disappointed in the first half because of the effort and the intention.

“They came out after half time and it’s completely gone. There’s no more effort and it’s now a practice race for the Bulldogs.”

The Kangaroos icons were the only people targeting Ziebell for his second half, with great Lions Jonathan Brown also pointing fingers at the skipper.

“They would be bitterly disappointed in the second half because we are only looking for effort. We know there is a big difference between the two teams in terms of capacity,” he told Fox Footy.

“But the point is, you’re the captain, you make that statement and you have to lead from an effort point of view and Jack Ziebell was questionable with his efforts in the second half.

“I have a lot of admiration for Jack Ziebell throughout the journey, but you have to lead from the front.”

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