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Monster Hunter Rise amiibo guide – Monster Hunter Rise wiki guide

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Monster Hunter Rise is amiibo compatible. On this page, you will find details of the amiibo that work with the game, as well as information on unlocks.

What Amiibo Works With Monster Hunter Rise

Since Monster Hunter Rise has amiibo functionality, you will be able to scan and play any amiibo. There is also three Monster Hunter Rise amiibo which are:

  • Magnamalo amiibo
  • Amiibo Palamute
  • Amiibo stick

The type of amiibo you scan results in different rewards and unlocks.

Where to buy Monster Hunter Amiibo

All three Monster Hunter Rise amiibo are currently exclusive to GameStop in the US and are out of stock fairly quickly. You can try ordering them from Amazon Japan, where the price difference is minimal even with shipping, but they won’t ship until June. IGN Offers Tweets whenever they are in stock on GameStop.

Amiibo rewards and unlocks

There are two types of rewards and unlocks that you can get from amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise.

You can enter the amiibo lottery. You can scan all amiibo to participate in this lottery every day. There is a limit to this though, and you can only scan amiibo three times per day for that. You will receive useful (but not exclusive) items like traps, bombs, etc.

The three exclusive Monster Hunter Rise amiibo will also be unlocked special bonuses. These are all Sinister Seal Cosmetics inspired by Magnamalo and differ depending on the amiibo you are scanning. Keep in mind these armor the sets are superimposed armor – they have no stats and are meant to be worn above par armor to change your appearance only.


  • For the Magnamalo amiibo, you will receive a layered sinister seal Armor put for your hunter.
  • For the Amiibo Palamute, you will receive a layered sinister seal Armor cosmetic for your Palamute.
  • For the Amiibo stick, you will receive a layered sinister seal Armor cosmetic for your Palico.

How to use Amiibo

To use the amiibo you will need to speak to Kagero the merchant at the market. Here you can select Read the amiibo to start using them.

Once your amiibo is successfully read, you will be given the option to enter the amiibo lottery or claim bonuses.

The amiibo lottery is similar to the normal market lottery in which you can participate when there is an in-game sale.

How to equip in layers Armor

Now that you’ve claimed your bonus, equip your hunter with layered armor in the item box. Layered armor for your Palico and Palamute can be equipped at the Buddy Board.

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