Friday, April 16, 2021

Successful launch of Outriders Online outages [Update]

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In a rather colorful setting Tweeter, the Outriders The Twitter account announced that servers in the United States and around the world are expected to be up and running again. Outriders online teams will continue to monitor the situation, but for now, players looking to return to the Outriders should be able to do so now.

“US Outriders – Get back in there and f ** k sh * t up,” the Outrider Twitter account wrote. “Outside of our servers, please. We need it. Our teams will continue to monitor the general situation. Sorry to keep you waiting. Godspeed Outriders.”

The original story continues …While Outriders has been very popular since launching earlier this week, many players have reported server issues that hamper the experience.

To resolve these issues, Outriders’ servers are taken out of service for a short time to “bring it back to a healthy and stable state.”

The Outriders Twitter account has been very transparent and communicative about these server issues, and its latest Tweet confirmed that the team is on the verge of becoming the “mother of all reactors.”

“We’re about to make mother turn them all off and back on.” This will power off all servers for a short time. The complete failure will allow us to rebuild and restore the server infrastructure to bring it. return to a healthy and stable state. “Outriders Twitter previously said that they are not just looking to fix the symptoms, but want to make sure that they “can protect themselves against such issues in the future and therefore look for the root causes.” . People Can Fly also apologized to all Outriders players, saying Square Enix was doing everything it could to “fix the problem as soon as possible”.

“Dear Outriders, we are unfortunately fully aware of the server outages you are experiencing right now”, Sebastian Wojciechowski, director of the People Can Fly studio wrote.

“Our Square Enix partners are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. As the developers, who have worked really hard over the past 5 years to make this game great, we really hope you will judge the game rather than the startup issues related to server issues. It’s frustrating for you and it’s frustrating for us. We really appreciate your huge interest in Outriders and hope to see you all on Enoch soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. “Outriders has seen a huge player base since launching on April 1, with posting an all-time high of 109,553 players. That’s an impressive number, especially since the Outriders are available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers no additional cost.

In our Outriders review in progress, we said, “I’m now about six hours past where I left off a month ago, and I still really enjoy his gruesome combo of shootouts and superpowers. balances performed since the demo have made a few more important encounters difficult to overcome in solo, though the ever-growing variety of weapons, powers, and gear allow for plenty of strategy and experimentation tweaks to overcome these obstacles. “

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