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Whether you’re looking for the best collection of classic sit-coms, huge superhero movie collections, or the latest and greatest TV series, every streaming service has a little something to do. The best streaming services are usually defined by the content they host, as well as how often they stream original shows or movies. Disney + for example makes its new entries a massive event, normally with a ton of social media buzz surrounding it, while Netflix has grown into a powerhouse of original hits, with something new happening almost every week. Either way, we’ve broken down all of the current top streaming services and taken an in-depth look at what makes them great and why you might want to sign up soon.

TL; DR – The Best Streaming Services

1. Disney +

Best streaming service for blockbuster hits

Register for Disney +

Disney + costs $ 6.99 per month, or you can combine it with Hulu and ESPN + and get a bundle discount on all 3 services.

Disney + encompasses the majority of all currently owned Disney properties, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Fox, and more. Not only do you have access to the huge catalog of movies they contain, but Disney is also committed to releasing new TV shows and movies to the service on a regular basis. Maybe not as regularly as Netflix for example, but lately you can’t stay long before another hit hits town. You can find out more in our review of Disney +.

You have an absolute hit with Star Wars: The Mandalorian, and more recently WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, two entrances to the powerhouse that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve also seen several Pixar movies hitting the service recently, and there are plenty more on the way. If you’re looking for a top-notch streaming service with more than enough content to put your teeth in, as well as some of the most exciting new TV shows to look forward to, then Disney + should be an easy entry into your collection of streaming services.

2. Netflix

Best streaming service for original content

Sign up for Netflix

Register for Netflix

Netflix costs $ 8.99 per month for a basic subscription, $ 13.99 standard, or $ 17.99 for a premium subscription that includes 4K UHD streaming.

You can’t think of a streaming service without thinking of Netflix in 2021. With over 200 million subscribers at last count, the service gets stronger every year. While it moves away from every new home addition to Netflix being a big event, there is still so much content to consume in the Netflix library, and it still tends to surprise you and bring back something spectacular like La. Lord of the Ring or Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse trilogy. You can find out more in our review of Netflix.

That’s not to say that there still aren’t some huge hits hosted under the umbrella of Netflix, one of which, poignantly enough, is Umbrella Academy. You also have things like Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Mindhunter, Lucifer, Sex Education, and a slew of more exciting movies and TV shows. There is always something new and interesting in the works, so you can rest easy knowing that at least something will be available to watch on the world’s largest streaming platform.

3. HBO Max

Best streaming service for new movies

Sign up for HBO Max

Sign up for HBO Max

Stream up to 3 devices with a single HBO Max subscription.

HBO Max hasn’t been around for very long, but you can be sure it had a significant impact on the streaming and film industry as a whole. You may already be familiar with HBO Max from The Snyder Cut (Zack Snyder’s Justice League), and there are plenty more heading into the service this year. You can find out more in our review of HBO Max.

HBO Max breaks a lot of traditions and shows brand new blockbuster movies at no additional cost to users. From Godzilla vs Kong to The Suicide Squad, Mortal Kombat, Dune and more, it’s a pretty huge deal. At $ 14.99 per month, even signing up for the new movie’s release is worth it if you plan to go with even one other person. Of course, nothing can beat the movie theater experience, but it’s hard to turn down a cheap and comfortable viewing of some of those massive movies.

4. Amazon Prime Video

The best streaming services that include even more

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime Video

New Amazon Prime users can sign up for one month of Amazon Prime for free.

Amazon Prime Video is a remarkably strong contender when it comes to the best streaming services, and that’s just because it comes bundled with Amazon Prime at no additional cost. So if you’re already paying for Prime to take advantage of all the service has to offer, you also have Amazon Prime Video comfortably set up with a decent library of content. You can find out more in our review of Amazon Prime Video.

One of the most popular series to hit the service is definitely The Boys, starring Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, starring a seemingly different take on the hooded crusaders you might find on Disney + or HBO. Max.

5. Hulu

Best streaming service for cord cutters

It is a service owed to Disney, but it is not Disney +. Although you can actually get a subscription that includes both services in one. When it comes to content, however, there are a few things that stand out when it comes to Hulu. First, it spends about the least when it comes to producing content like the other “top” streamer like Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, and HBO Max. But while there are still some hits on Hulu that have resonated with the public, it seems that isn’t the only reason many users are still subscribing to the service. You can find out more in our review of Hulu.

Hulu has become one of the must-have cord cutter services. It offers the cheapest monthly service, where you have to watch a few commercials, and allows users to watch TV shows that air in the morning after they air. So if you’re still in the lineup on ABC, NBC, and FOX – as well as corporate cable channels like Adult Swim, FX, USA, Disney Channel, Food Network, and many more – this is the closest you can get. that you will get. to cable without cable.

6. Paramount +

New Kids On The Block

Yearly subscription without advertising

Annual without advertising Subscription

You can also try Paramount + for 7 days, free, or purchase a monthly contract.

CBS All Access is now Paramount +, and a new name change for the streaming service brings all new content to check out before considering signing up for the service. Paramount + is very new and has yet to mold itself too much to know exactly how this will influence the big streaming wars, but it’s definitely worth mentioning as it aims to challenge the big hitters in the future. You can find out more in our review of Paramount +.

Currently, Paramount + is available in the United States, Canada and Latin America and hosts an extensive media library of over 30,000 TV episodes, 2,500 movie titles and over 1,000 live sporting events each year. He’s also the new host for everything under the ViacomCBS banner: BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, and Smithsonian Channel. There are many titles to stream from a variety of genres. If you’re in the mood for action, Paramount + features three of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible films and four Indiana Jones titles. On the classic film front, some highlights include To Catch a Thief, the Godfather Trilogy, and Chinatown.

7. Apple TV +

Best streaming service for iPhone users

Sign up for Apple TV +

The biggest draw to Apple TV + right now is usually new iPhone owners, who usually get one year of free Apple TV + service on top of their new purchase (see where and how to watch Apple TV + here). It might be a bit lacking in basic content, but what Apple TV + has going for it, aside from its potential base of 1.4 billion iPhone users, is its user interface.

The tech giant has proven over the years that it can create an impressive UX, and Apple TV + is no different. It’s transparent, fluid and easy to use. Plus, at $ 4.99 per month including a 7-day trial, it’s a pretty cheap and easy-to-access streaming service for what you get. You can find out more in our Apple TV + review.

8. Peacock Streaming

Free Streaming, Until You Can’t

Join Peacock

Sign up for peacock

Watch for up to 13,000 hours before upgrading to the standard level of $ 4.99.

The most noticeable difference between Peacock and the rest of its competition is the free tier (with ads) which grants access to an impressive 13,000 hours of the library, before charging you $ 4.99 for ad-supported access to any or all. $ 9.99 for the whole lot. . You can find out more in our Peacock review.

What should I look for in a streaming service?

Streaming services can vary in different ways, and at the end of the day, many factors are purely personal preferences. If you really love The Office and Netflix has Office, Netflix is ​​likely to be your streamer of choice. But, there are still a few other things contributing to streaming services that you’ll want to consider before giving your hard-earned money to them.

Free trials are easy to get started. A previous staple in the streaming market has apparently gotten a bit scarce. Disney + originally had a free trial, but that’s no longer the case, and even newer streaming services like HBO Max don’t offer free trials. Free trials are great, but the industry seems to be shying away as it becomes more profitable to post “ the next big thing ” and make sure everyone who wants to watch definitely pays for the hosting service. These days, you will find more streaming services with free access subscriptions, such as Hulu or Peacock, which use lots of ads to complement your free experience.

User experience is another key and forgettable factor if it is good, but aggravating if it is noticeable. For example, Netflix and Disney + have great UX because the menus are fast, transparent, and give you as much information as you need. While others like HBO Max or Amazon tend to lag behind, especially on mobile devices. Other than that, it really depends on the content and the overall amount you are paying for the service. As we mentioned before, if you’re paying $ 14.99 per month for HBO Max and seeing the latest and greatest in movie theaters like Godzilla vs Kong or Mortal Kombat, it may be worth it. But, if you’re only watching two seasons of an old sit-com where the box set costs less than the streaming subscription, then maybe rethink your decision.

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