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AFL News | Bradley Hill of St Kilda ‘most overpaid player in the game’, says Kane Cornes

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Bradley Hill of St Kilda has been called the “most overpaid player in the game” by AFL great Kane Cornes.

Hill had an unforgettable outing as the The Saints did a 75 point flogging from Essendon to Marvel Stadium on Saturday.

Three-time Prime Minister Hawthorn, who arrived in St Kilda from Fremantle last season, has been in the sights of Cornes for some time. Port Adelaide legend lands on her ‘Vol-Kane-o’ segment of The Sunday Footy Show, saying that Hill was not giving value for money.

“It’s been too long a time, his performance has been way below what he should produce for a player making a ton of money,” said Cornes.

“Right now the most overpaid player in the game.

“Six years, $ 900,000 [per season] dealing with St Kilda. Did not finish in the top 10 of their best and fairest last year for the Saints, despite all games. He should do that. “

Cornes highlighted Hill’s sub-par defensive effort, pointing to a particular passage in the game in the fourth quarter against Essendon. Hill fired a hand pass around the front half line and then came to a stop, failing to challenge the Bombers as they secured a turnover and launched another foray from their 50 defensive end.

“A sight like this is alarming,” said Cornes.

“Let’s stand still, don’t work, don’t squeeze, don’t defend. The ball flips over, so what are you doing, Brad? Do you squeeze or come back hard? Well, he doesn’t. Neither.

“This modern game should be fine for him but he didn’t have a tackle last night. Not a single tackle, no contested possession, for a player who makes $ 5 million over six years, or so. is not good enough. “

St Kilda are 1-2 after their third round shallacking, in which Hill had 16 eliminations and did not disturb the scorers. Coach Brett Ratten said he was “embarrassed” by the team’s performance. Even big club Nick Riewoldt was forced to panic the Saints’ effort against Essendon.

“No player comes out not to try – but there is trying and there is really trying,” Riewoldt told Fox Footy.

Bomber great Matthew Lloyd has said St Kilda faces drought unless they dramatically improve their form. He said Hill was not the only disappointment.

“If they don’t improve dramatically, they will lose their next three games to the top three teams in the competition in Port, West Coast and Richmond,” Lloyd said on The Sunday Footy Show.

“At ground level they were exposed and then on the outside the run and speed were too important for the Saints.

“There are too many Saints who didn’t want to defend or get the job done yesterday against a running Bombers team.”

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