Friday, April 16, 2021

Apex Legends season 9 will feature ‘a ton’ of Titanfall content

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While we haven’t had a real entry into the Titanfall series since 2016, Apex LegendsThe ninth season is expected to have “a ton of Titanfall coming back to the game, one way or another.” Agile, a number of Respawn’s Apex Legends developers appeared on a panel hosted by BrownGirlGamerCode and discussed how Titanfall fans have “some really cool stuff” to look forward to.

“Next season, season 9, you’re going to see a ton of Titanfall come back into the game, one way or another,” promised Chad Grenier, game director of Apex Legends. “I’ve said to some people before, if you’re a Titanfall fan, wait until Season 9 because there’s going to be some really cool stuff out there.Apex lead author Ashley Reed discussed how Apex Legends and Titanfall are intrinsically linked, and how this next step is just a natural evolution.

“What happens in Titanfall is a war, Apex is what happens after the war, like what is life like in this place?” Reed explained. “So we’re trying to fit Titanfall into that, because Titanfall is really part of the universe.”

Titanfall Weapons and the Leviathans / Moyais massifs have been featured in Apex Legends before, but it seems like a lot more.While anything is possible, those hoping for real giant mechs to fall from the sky in Apex should remember Respawn previously mentioned that it “prototypes about a bazillion ways to get titans in this game.” The reality was that they were an incredible imbalance factor. “

Titans or not, there should be some exciting news to come for Titanfall and Apex Legends fans in the future, and a little brighter news as a result. Respawn’s comments in 2019 that it is not currently working on Titanfall 3.

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