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8 game variations to try in Knight Squad 2

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Greetings, Xbox community!

I am so excited to write to all of you today to let you know that Knight Squad 2 is now officially available for Xbox One. We hope fans of the original Squad of knights and new fans around the world will enjoy the heightened chaos of our medieval 8 player arcade game with their friends and family.

For us, one of the biggest additions we’ve introduced in the sequel is giving you the ability to customize matches with unique gameplay modifiers and a full item change menu. This means that you will have the option of choosing which items you want to spawn bonuses on the field with as well as which your knights will spawn with.

Combining these new customization features with the 13 game modes Knight Squad 2 has to offer offers endless possibilities and we want to share some of our favorites with you!

Explosive Gladiator: Gladiator Mode + Explosive Bodies

The objective in Gladiator mode is to control the central golden zone longer than your opponents. When the bodies of fallen knights explode, it becomes quite difficult to find a safe place in this area. This type of game tests positioning and blocking skills.

War shield: Battle Royale + Power-Ups mode only for shields

Battle royale is all about survival, and Knight Squad’s one-shot destruction mechanic makes a big part of the fighting about responsiveness. Powering up the shield allows you to take an extra hit and adds an extra layer of strategy in combat.

Knight Squad 2

League of unicorns: Football mode + starting unicorn and slippery ground

In this bloody sport, two teams of knights attempt to throw a ball into the enemy goal while riding fast unicorns in a slippery arena. Hilarity is guaranteed. As a bonus, this mode unlocks a secret (and very intense) soundtrack!

Classic Knights Squad: Capture the Grail + No Buckler and No New Items

If you want to relive the good old Knights Squad 1 days, you can effectively turn off everything we’ve added in the following. You can turn off the ability to block attacks and remove Bazooka, Proximity Mines, Magic Mirror, Book of Fire, and Aura of Ice from the item list.

Knight Squad 2

Eagle Artist: Painter mode + starting eagle punch

In painter mode, the goal is to cover as much soil as possible with your color. When each knight starts with the weapon that makes you run in a straight line, the turf war gets really hectic. And if that wasn’t enough to sell you in this mode already, you will also be able to hear the pleasant sounds of howling eagles throughout the match.

Crystal Ultra-Rush: Crystal Rush Mode + Starter Max Drills

In Crystal Rush, teams must get their hands on an exercise and destroy the enemy’s crystals. These matches also take place at a much faster pace, as each knight starts out equipped with a max level drill bit that turns crystals into dust in the blink of an eye.

Knight Squad 2

Berserker domination: Domination Mode + Kamikaze Power-Ups only

The kamikaze power-up gives you an incredible boost in speed and invulnerability … until you explode 2 seconds later. Imagine this is the only power-up appearing on the map. This is particularly suited to Domination, a game mode where you have to cover a lot of ground.

Knight Kart: Race Mode + Only Mines and Bazooka

You might have heard of a certain popular go-kart game. You could say we’re fans. Take advantage of our version of the formula in Knight Squad 2 with proximity mines (banana peels) and rockets (shells). You can even add cranking power for up to 100cc horsepower.

And those are just 8 options, we’ve tried and tested dozens more. Knight Squad 2 is a board game designed to be accessible to everyone, so we hope you can gather a few friends to have a good time (and a good laugh) during some intense multiplayer action.

Knight Squad 2 supports local, online, and couch-to-couch multiplayer options, so join our Discord community and be your knight!

From all of us at Chainsawesome Games have a great day!

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Knight Squad 2

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$ 14.99

Knight Squad 2 is a chaotic arcade multiplayer game for up to 8 players. Choose an eccentric knight and fight for glory with wacky weapons. Triumph over your friends in a ridiculous amount of game modes, both locally and online. GET READY TO ENJOY… Local and Online Cross-Platform Multiplayer – Gather friends and / or challenge complete strangers, no matter which platform they choose to play on. Ridiculous amount of game modes – Brawl in a battle royale, capture the Grail, push the payload, hunt souls, become the Minion Master and much more. Wacky Weapons – Arm your knight with medieval weapons such as the Noble Bow, Exotic Boomerang, or Sneaky Proximity Mines. Customizable Gameplay – Increase mayhem by activating slippery ground, exploding corpses, or changing starting weapons and upgrades.

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