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Dragon Age 2 Writer Reveals Everything It Would Fix About BioWare’s Divisional Sequel

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David Gaider, the lead author of the Dragon Age 2 Division, has revealed some of what he’ll do if he can “Zack Snyder DA 2” and change the game for the better. Gaider was asked whether or not Dragon Age 2 was his favorite in the franchise. Gaider responded by congratulating the writing team and saying how proud he was of all they have accomplished in such a short time.DA 2, according to Gaider, was a project where “the goalposts kept moving” and “things kept getting cut, even while we were working.”

“I had to write this dialogue where Orsinio turned even though you were on his side, because his boss battle had been interrupted and there had been no time to mend the plot. real WTF moment, ”Gaider said.

He went on to confirm that while DA 2 is his favorite on the show, it’s “the kind of thing I never want to experience again. Mixed feelings galore.”

He then asked the question: “If you could Zack Snyder DA2, what would you change?” When this is he created a thread fascinating details that reveal much of what might have been if the team had had enough time to do so.

One of the first things Gaider would change was to either “restore the incremental changes to Kirkwall that we had planned over the years in the game, or reduce the time between acts to months rather than years” .

Although many said the team should have “gotten rid of repeated levels”, Gaider doubled down and shared that he wanted “Kirkwall to feel like a bigger city. Much more people. More alive! Fewer blood mages. . “

He also wanted to “restore the plot where a Hawke mage was close to becoming an abomination. An entire story passed trapped in her own head while she was on the verge of possession. Why? Because Hawke is the only mage who didn? T ‘apparently never struggled with that. It was a tough cut. “

Many alternate lines were cut, and Gaider would be happy to see them restored, many of which were about people forgetting that they had met you, “Or that they knew you were a mage. Or, oh my God, that” maybe they had a romance you in [Dragon Age: Origins]. So much carnage. “

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He would like to “restore the Act 3 plots that we cut down only because they were worked too late, but which would have made the build-up of the mage / templar clash less sudden.”

Along with restoring the final battle of Orsino, he also reportedly wanted “a final fight with the Templars that didn’t require Meredith to have a red lyrium and be completely Tetsuo.”

While he and the team never managed to plan it, he also would have loved to implement “a final decision in which you didn’t side with either the Mages or the Templars. Legitimately, right?”

Oh, and he also thinks there should have been an option to say “uh, Anders … what are you doing?”Varric should have been a romance option as well, as Mary Kirby “took that” gooey car salesman “character that we had planned and did the impossible with him.”

If Gaider had his way, there would also be an “original expanded opening to the game that allowed you to spend time with Bethany and Carver BEFORE the darkspawn attacked.”

To sum up his thoughts on this “Zack Snyder DA 2”, Gaider would also have liked to “Restore the” Varric exaggerates the devil of the story “at the start of every act, until Cassandra called him. Yes, that is. was one thing. “

He also wished he had had the opportunity to do the Dragon Age 2: Exalted March expansion canceled that would have … gasp … “ended with Varric’s death.”While extremely proud of the project, Gaider obviously shares the frustration of what Dragon Age 2 has become, and even said “he wouldn’t be surprised if EA saw DA2 as his embarrassing red-haired stepson.”

Many of these problems can arise from the fact that “DA2 existed to fill a void in the release schedule. More time was never planned. DA2 was originally planned as an extension! “

“I would personally say DA2 is a fantastic game hidden under a mountain of compromises, shortcuts and tight deadlines,” said Gaider. “If you can see past it all you will see a fantastic game. I have no doubt, however, that it is very difficult for most to do that.”

In our Dragon Age 2 live review, we said, “Every change in the gameplay and structure of Dragon age ii is a significant improvement over the previous game. Combat is more responsive and bloody, you no longer need to fight the inventory system, and conversations are more engaging thanks to the tailored Mass Effect wheel. There are drawbacks, however; the semi-linear story and repetitive environments have a negative effect on what is otherwise a great role-playing game. “While Dragon Age 4 is currently in development, Gaider left BioWare in 2016 after 17 years in the studio. In 2019 he co-founded Summerfall Studios and is currently working on Chorus, a partly musical and partly an adventure game.

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