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Oculus Air Link lets you wirelessly stream VR games to Quest 2

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Oculus has revealed some big updates for the Quest 2, including the Oculus Air Link feature that will let you play PC VR games wirelessly and native 120Hz support. Oculus, Oculus Air Link leverages the Oculus Link feature which allows a compatible USB-C cable to connect a gaming PC and the Quest to enable PC VR games to be played.

Oculus Air Link is the next evolution and allows Quest 2 to connect to a gaming PC using WiFi, allowing users to enjoy PC VR games like Half-Life: Alyx without any cables. This feature will launch in experimental mode, and Oculus notes that while the Oculus Link will always provide the “most faithful visuals possible”, those with a strong WiFi connection will be able to experience this new unconnected way of use the Quest 2..

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Native 120Hz and Infinite Office support

the Oculus Quest 2 currently runs at 90Hz by default, but Oculus now offers gamers and developers the option of using a 120Hz display refresh rate. This feature will also be available in Experimental mode and, although it won’t there aren’t any apps that support it yet, that will change shortly.

Quest 2 system software will continue to run at 90Hz and Oculus Link support for 120Hz will be available in a future release.The last big feature of the v28 update is for Infinite Office. This is a feature that allows you to operate your desktop, keyboard, and mouse in virtual reality while using an Oculus Quest headset.

While the ability to add a Bluetooth-enabled mouse or trackpad to VR was added in January, this new update will let you literally bring your desktop to VR. By launching in experimental mode, you will be able to place a virtual desk on your real piece of furniture that will allow you to see it and use it in your home environment.

You will also be able to pair your physical keyboard with your Quest 2, which will allow you to view a 3D representation of your hands and keyboard in VR. The first keyboard to support this feature is the Logitech K830, and more will be added in the future.

This v28 update will be rolling out gradually, but Quest users should see it coming in the near future. It is important to note that the Quest 2 and the PC must be running v28 for everything to work.

This news precedes the very first Oculus game showcase on April 21 which will include updates to Pistol Whip, Lone Echo 2, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, and more.

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