How To Find The Right All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener For You

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Natural sweeteners are alternatives for refined sugar as they have many benefits like taste and flavor enhancers, low calorific value prevents weight gain, reduce heart diseases. Having these many benefits, natural sweeteners are used in many sweets and desserts which makes people not compromise with their taste buds. Adding an all natural zero calorie sweetener to your favorite sweet dish and desserts can yield a very good benefit.

All-natural Zero Calorie Sweeteners Available


It is an all-natural zero-calorie sweetener as it is derived from a plant known as Stevia rebaudiana. This is known for its sweetness and medicinal uses. If you are having high blood pressure and blood sugar levels this is the best option for you. This helps in lowering blood pressure in hypertension cases and lowers blood sugar levels in the case of diabetes. It also prevents LDL buildup, improves insulin sensitivity, and lowers the arteries plaque buildup. As stevia is considered an all-natural zero-calorie sweetener, it is sweeter than refined sugar.


It is an all-natural zero-calorie sweetener found as alcohol in fruits. It is suitable for people who don’t want to rise their blood sugar or insulin levels as it doesn’t affect the levels of blood fats. It is easily absorbable and excreted from the kidneys as it is. It can also prevent oxidative stress and improves blood vessel function. The drawbacks are:

  • If it is consumed more, it may cause digestive problems.
  • There will be higher belly fat with higher blood levels of erythritol.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this sweetener shouldn’t be taken with other types of sugar.


This all-natural zero-calorie sweetener is a sugar alcohol that has a sugary taste. It is useful for dental health as it reduces cavities and tooth decays. It also enhances bone density thereby preventing osteoporosis. It also helps in supporting your gut microbiome by producing the required compounds for their survival. It doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin levels. But it is highly toxic to dogs.


This all-natural zero-calorie sweetener is derived from the yacon plant. It is a weight loss supplement that is used in recent days. As it has more fructooligosaccharides, it helps in the growth of good bacteria in your intestine. It can prevent constipation also.


As this sweetener is derived from monk fruit, it is an all-natural zero-calorie sweetener. It supports better sugar management as it has no calories and carbohydrates. They are used against inflammation. It is also studied that this can reduce the growth of cancer cells. As far as now, there no studies that show negative effects of this sweetener.


Depending on your body condition and your metabolism you can determine the right all-natural zero calorie sweetener you can use. You can also consult a doctor for suggestions that will be apt for you and keeps you healthy.

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