Top 4 Ways to Support Loved Ones After an Arrest

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If someone you love has just been arrested, there are many ways you can help him or her get ready for the trial. The following are the top four ways to support your friend or relative through this difficult period.

1. Purchase Bail Bonds

Unless your loved one is deemed a threat to the public or has been accused of a very serious crime, the police have probably posted bail for him or her. Bail is a certain amount of money that suspects must pay to leave jail until their trial starts. If you do not have enough money to pay for bail upfront, reach out to a bail bond company Allentown PA. After you pay this company a premium, it agrees to vouch for your loved one and cover the rest of the listed bail if he or she does not come to trial.

2. Find a Good Lawyer

Your loved one has the right to speak to a lawyer and have this lawyer represent him or her during any court proceedings, from settlements to trials. If you or your loved one cannot afford a lawyer, the legal system must provide one, but it’s better to supply your own. Find a lawyer who is experienced in the type of law your loved one is accused of breaking and whose rates fit your budget.

3. Cooperate With the Police

If the police ask you any questions or want to look for evidence, do your best to cooperate with their efforts. Never alter or damage anything that they want to use as evidence, or you could face charges yourself. While you do have the right to remain silent during an interrogation, if you have information that could help your loved one, it’s best to disclose those details.

4. Continue To Support Your Loved One

Many people who are arrested feel isolated and forgotten by their families. If it is safe and appropriate, take advantage of your jail’s visitation hours and visit your loved one. Call him or her whenever you can, and send letters, too. Remember, your jail may have strict rules about communication and proximity, so make sure to follow all of them.

If your loved one has just been arrested, you may feel powerless. There are many ways that you can help your friend or relative through this difficult time, though. To be safe, consult with a lawyer if you’re unsure whether your communication is legal.

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