8 Vape Tricks to Make You the Hype of the Party

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Can you recall the last time you spotted a cool smoke trick? Perhaps, in a movie, or a video, or even a friend flaunting their skills. Weren’t you impressed?

The fact that vaping has turned the world of smoke into an art form is indeed true!

So if you’re intrigued to try vape tricks and impress your friends, here are the eight most common tricks you can try now.

  1. The Cloud Dragon Trick

Though this vape trick might seem complicated but is super easy to get the hang of it.

  • Take a long drag from your vape pen, but make sure not to inhale the vapor fully.
  • Push the vapor through your nose and the corners of your mouth.

Simply add a mean glare while breathing out the fume, and you’re no less than a fire-breathing dragon with skills. Get your hands on the best ooze 900 battery today and enjoy vaping with style and with ease!

  1. The O’s smoke rings

As the same suggests, this trick is about blowing O’s out of vapor. This is an age-old trick, and many may even dismiss it as the easiest one. But wait until you try it.

  • Inhale the vapor to your throat. If you’re a beginner, start by inhaling a small amount.
  • Rest your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth and slightly push it back towards the throat.
  • Make an O shape with your lips and push the vapor out of the mouth using your throat.

This vape trick is easier said than done and requires a little practice, but not too hard, though!

  1.  The French Inhale

French Inhale is probably one of the most popular vape tricks with a fancy name. Some people also refer to it as Irish Waterfall since the vapor flows upward from the mouth

  • Drag the vapor and allow it to sit in the mouth before opening it.
  • Push out your bottom jaw towards the nose and let the vapor come out naturally. DO NOT exhale!

A little bit of breath control and timing, and you’ll be an expert soon.

  1. Tornado

Amusing, terrifying, popular – this vaping trick can impress anyone and everyone if done right. However, it may sound intimidating, but not difficult to master.

  • To do this trick, you’ll need a flat, sturdy surface and toilet paper roll (if you’re a novice)
  • Inhale a proper puff (the bigger, the better).
  • Place your mouth above the flat surface and breathe out the smoke gently and deliberately onto the flat surface.
  • Extend your hand, put it in the center of the cloud, and then flick your wrist and lift your arm simultaneously.
  • You can also use the toilet paper roll to control the flow of the exhaled vapor.
  • Sit back and watch a strong spinning curve of a vapor tornado rise.

This trick demands a fair amount of practice, but once you master it, you’ll be irresistible.

  1. Magic Waterfall

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and like everything magic, wait till you try this one. It is effortless and looks like a magician experimenting with a magic potion.

  • You’ll need a water bottle to do this trick.
  • Leave some water at the bottom of the bottle, and it must freeze.
  • Gently breathe out the vapor into the bottle and fill it up with smoke.
  • The icy water will make the vapor thick, and you can slowly pour out the vapor from the bottle.

The vapor will look like a smoky magic waterfall. This trick is an absolute steal, you surely need to try it out.

  1. The Bull Ring

Ever noticed the rings that are put through the bull’s nose? If not, with this trick, you’ll surely find it out! It is indeed a fierce-looking vape trick.

  • Puff out a medium-sized ring. (If you don’t know how to make O vape rings, check out our number 2 trick).
  • Immediately lean into the cloud and inhale the top part of the ring through your nostrils, and you’ll see rings that resemble a bull’s nose ring.

This trick demands a little practice to master, and for best results, use a mirror.

  1. Flying Triangle

A flying triangle? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But once you master blowing O’s, blowing triangles won’t be much of a deal. In this trick, the timing is crucial!

  • Take a long drag and exhale an O ring.
  • Quickly make a move and use your fingertips to bend down one side of the ring.

We must admit, it is a bit complicated but impressive! It is one of the most challenging tricks to master, but, be ready to be showered with praises once you do.

  1. Jellyfish

This is for advanced vapers and looks incredible while performing. It is a sure crowd favorite and will certainly amp up your vaping cred.

  • Inhale a significant amount of vapor and blow out a sizeable even O ring. (If you don’t know how to make O vape rings, check out our number 2 trick).
  • Place your palm and push the O ring, creating an airflow.
  • Take another drag and exhale the vapor right in the middle of the flying O to create a flying jellyfish.

This trick is simple and cool but a bit challenging!

Final Thoughts

Vaping is quite a rage among youngsters. Take full advantage of this article and master the tricks and enjoy the spotlight.

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