Is using your smartphone for betting more popular now than before COVID?

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The trend is clear: people all across the world now use their smartphones for mobile betting. Placing a bet on the go is a great way to enjoy some leisure time, even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to spend hours on a laptop or make a trip down to the betting shop. What is the trend when it comes to smartphones, and has a rise in smartphone gaming taken place as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic? Let’s take a look!

Facts and figures

First, let’s investigate what the data says about the prevalence of Mobile Casino Service offers. According to one set of figures, the rise predates the coronavirus. However, there has been big growth during the pandemic period as well. Figures suggest that mobile gambling is now on a clear upward trend, with the size of the mobile gambling market expected to reach $139.5bn by 2026, and the last year or two has clearly played a part in such confidence.

Is the pandemic still underway?

There are some important caveats to be made before anyone uses the aforementioned data to conclude that smartphone betting is now astronomically more popular than it was before the pandemic. The first of these is the fact that the pandemic is not necessarily over just yet. Many parts of the world are still experiencing intermittent lockdowns, or at least the threat of them, so the in-person gambling sector could still be hit again.

Moreover, some gamblers are still choosing to remain in their homes, perhaps because they are in a location in which they haven’t had access to a vaccine or because they are clinically vulnerable. This means that any assessment of COVID’s impact on smartphone betting may have to wait until a little more time has elapsed.

Other reasons

Any rise or fall in the prevalence of smartphone gaming that has happened during the pandemic, however, didn’t necessarily occur because of the pandemic itself. It could also be the case that the pandemic simply happened at the same time as the explosion in popularity of mobile gambling and that the reasons can be traced elsewhere. Game designers, for example, are pouring lots of investment into online gambling products and services. This shift in focus began before COVID, but its effects might only have started being felt recently.

Overall, it’s still perhaps too early to tell whether smartphone betting is now more popular compared to before the coronavirus pandemic. That’s down in part to the lack of solid information about smartphone gambling habits, as well as the fact that the pandemic is still happening in many people’s minds – and, indeed, because causation has not been firmly established. What is clear, however, is that smartphone gambling is certainly on the rise overall – no matter what the reason or the exact time frame might be.

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