Thursday, October 6, 2022

25 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories (2021): Docks, Cases, Headsets & More

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As a console, Nintendo Switch is hard to beat. It’s super cute, super portable, and it pulls dual function as a living room console. As much as I like the PS5 and Xbox One X, they’re not exactly portable. Since the Switch is both a mobile console and a home console, you might want to check out some accessories that can let you play longer, download more games, and practice your sword in the game. Link’s awakening. A few of them are suitable for the Switch Lite as well as the brother of the Switch, only mobile, which cannot connect to a television.

If you’re still in the market for a Switch, check out our recaps of best Switch bundles, best Switch games, and Surprising Switch Tips for more Nintendo action.

Update March 2021: We adjusted prices, added Switch Lite links to products where applicable, removed a few items that were no longer in production, and added the HyperDrive 60W USB-C power hub and dock TV docking station for Switch.

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