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3 Landing Points For Beginners To Avoid On Free Fire’s Bermuda Map

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Free fire Mainly features two modes – BR and Clash Squad.

Bermuda is one of three maps available in battle royale mode (both Ranked and Classic) and is very popular among players.

The map has a number of good landing spots where players can get decent loot. However, newbies barely survive in these locations as they are often filled with seasoned players on the hunt for weapons and items.

This article lists some landing spots that new players should avoid on the Bermuda map in Free Fire.

Note: this is not a list in any particular order. This is a generalized list of places where players can face stiff competition and therefore not suitable for beginners. Hence, it includes hot drops like Factory, Peak and more.

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What are some landing points that newbies to Free Fire should avoid on the Bermuda map?

Factory n ° 1


The factory is located on the south side of the Bermuda map. It is one of the most popular hot spots on the map and is often considered a difficult place to land.

Players can find a lot of good loot in this area. However, they must be vigilant to avoid being ambushed by enemy squads.

# 2 Milky Way Strip

Milky Way Strip
Milky Way Strip

The Bimasakti Strip, located in the center of the Bermuda map, is one of the best places to land when looking for some good loot. It has many houses where firearms and multiple equipment are scattered.

As a result, many players flock to this area, resulting in early fights and eliminations. It’s a high-risk, high-risk reward place, and newbies should steer clear of it.

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# 3 Clock Tower

Clock tower
Clock tower

Another hot drop from Free Fire is the Clock Tower. It is located quite close to the factory. Weapons and items are scattered over a large area at this location.

Players often encounter enemy squads in and around the Clock Tower. The place witnesses a lot of fighting in the opening minutes of the play. Therefore, new users are advised to steer clear of it.

Disclaimer: This article is based on writer’s preference. The choice of a deposit location in Free Fire is an individual decision and is influenced by the style of play of the users.

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Posted on March 11, 2021 at 12:34 PM


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